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Hackers Baselessly Blame Women and ‘SJWs’ for the End of DerbyCon Security Conference

The founder says the charge is ‘baseless,’ but that hasn’t stopped employees at some of the most important infosec companies from posting misogynistic comments in a closed Facebook group.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

A New Bill Vows to Combat STEM’s Sexual Harassment Problem

The “Combatting Sexual Harassment in Science Act” aims to remedy the causes of sexual misconduct in STEM, but can it?
Sarah Emerson
sexual harassment

Sexual Harassment Is Driving Women Out of STEM and Slowing Down Scientific Advancement

"The consequence of this is a significant and costly loss of talent in science, engineering, and medicine," a 285-page landmark study finds.
Deidre Olsen
tech diversity

Study Finds Women and Minorities in STEM Are Discriminated Against, to the Shock of No One

Diversity efforts in science and technology aren't successfully combating discrimination, finds Pew Research Center.
Sarah Emerson
Sorry Not Sorry

Greta Van Susteren Is Using Sexual Harassment Scandals to Promote Her ‘Sorry’ App

It's not good.
Ankita Rao
good riddance

Uber Is Cleaning House Ahead of Sexual Harassment Investigation

The results of Uber's "independent investigation" into harassment claims are coming to light.
Sarah Emerson
Donald Trump

Scientists’ Top Concerns in Trump’s America

Scientists discuss their biggest concerns for President Trump’s impact on STEM research.
Sarah Emerson

I Now Cringe at a Sexist Joke I Made in the Lab. Why Don’t All Scientists Learn?

As a young biologist, I learned fast that sexism in the lab didn't fly. Why aren't all scientists getting the message?
Levi Gadye

Why Are So Many Scientists Harassing Their Students?

There seems to have been a sudden scourge of prominent scientists embroiled in sexual harassment scandals lately. What gives?
Kaleigh Rogers

Berkeley Astronomer Geoff Marcy Will Resign After Sexually Harassing Students

A world-famous astronomer will leave the university after he admitted to sexually harassing at least four students.
Jason Koebler