sex toys

sex toys

This GoPro for Your Dick Is Ridiculous

You can now buy the Cock Cam, a cock ring with a camera on it, for $160.
Samantha Cole
star citizen

Literally Get Fucked by a 'Star Citizen' With This Fan-Made Dildo

Now we have a vivid idea of what a Xi’an penis might look like.
Samantha Cole
sex toys

CES Revoked an Award for a Female Pleasure Device for Being 'Immoral'

The device was deemed “immoral, obscene, indecent, [or] profane” by CES.
Samantha Cole
sex toys

Can AI Sex Toys Really Learn What We Like?

The fantasy of a high tech lover who anticipates your needs before you’re aware of them is still a long way off.
Lux Alptraum
sex toys

'The Blowjob Paper:' Scientists Processed 109 Hours of Oral Sex to Develop an AI that Sucks Dick

Anonymous machine learning engineers wrote 'The Blowjob Paper' to try to make this bj machine more lifelike.
Samantha Cole

The 20-Year Patent on Teledildonics Has Expired

The 1998 patent on "interactive virtual control of sexual aids" has expired, but that doesn't mean we should have a sex toy free-for-all.
Samantha Cole

This Company Is Making a 'Bop-It' You Can Fuck

A throwback to a toy from the 90s from adult game maker Nutaku, called the “Flick ‘N’ Jerk.”
Samantha Cole
sex with toys

Cops Killed China’s Short-Lived Sex Doll Sharing App

Chinese app Taqu was fined by the authorities.
Samantha Cole
sex toys

Here’s Why We Need More Open Source Software For Buttplugs

It’s a triumph of back-end engineering.
Corin Faife
bitcoin bubble

This Sex Toy Seller Wants You to Spend Your Volatile Cryptocurrency on His Products

You can now buy the “Autoblow 2” using everything from ether to Dogecoin.
Louise Matsakis
math for every occasion

Look at This Beautiful Algorithmic Visualization of Vibrators

An algorithm we can fuck with.
Samantha Cole

Trump Could Be a Huge Turn Off for Sex Toy Lovers

Trump doesn't want to work with China. Unfortunately, that's where all the sex toys are made.
Lux Alptraum