Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence


How Paul Allen Saved the American Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Microsoft co-founder single-handedly revolutionized the American search for extraterrestrial intelligence at a time when no public institutions wanted to touch it.
Daniel Oberhaus
fermi paradox

If the Universe Is the Ocean, We've Only Searched for Aliens in a Hot Tub

Three Penn State researchers created a framework for determining how much of the universe we’ve looked at for signs of alien life.
Daniel Oberhaus

Scientists Design a ‘Template’ for Plant Life on Alien Worlds

“Once we figure out, or I hope we figure out, that we are not alone in the universe, the connection to the cosmos is just going to be even stronger.”
Becky Ferreira
warning signs

The Man Who Helped Design a 10,000-Year Nuclear Waste Site Marker

Astro-artist Jon Lomberg, a longtime friend and colleague of Carl Sagan, on protecting future humans from America’s atomic past.
Samuel Gilbert

Aliens in the Backyard: How Amateur Astronomers Will Help Find E.T.

Last week, a Russian billionaire pledged $100 million toward the search for intelligent alien life. Has the movement's moment finally come?
John Wenz

What Alien Hunters Plan to Buy With $100 Million

The importance of Yuri Milner's donation "can't be overstated," SETI Research director says.
John Wenz

Who Is the Russian Billionaire Who Just Pledged $100 Million to Find Alien Life?

Yuri Milner is a venture capitalist with a scientist’s heart.
Rachel Pick