Is It GOOD or BAD to Use a Dynamite-Triggered Avalanche for an Apple Ad? We Asked Scientists

Apple’s “Don’t mess with Mother (Nature)” video—produced by the Camp4 Collective to promote the iPhone XS—included footage of a man-made avalanche.
Caroline Haskins
2 days ago

Scientists Partly Revive Dead Pigs’ Brains

Making us question what it means to be alive, and the boundaries of animal testing.
Mirjam Guesgen
2 days ago
climate change

Western Industrial Farming Is Eating Our Forests and Accelerating Climate Change

The dynamics of deforestation are increasingly inseparable from the growing demand for food from consumers in the most developed countries.
Nafeez Ahmed
3 days ago

Disease Prediction Scores Based on DNA Have a Racial Bias, Study Finds

Polygenic scores were nearly five times less accurate for people of African descent than people of European descent, a new study has found.
Mirjam Guesgen
Sound of Science

Jayda G Is Bridging the Gap Between Music and Science

Jayda G studied whales before becoming a globetrotting DJ and music producer. Now, she's running a series of talks with young scientists to marry her two passions.
Max Mertens
lab-grown food

This Startup Is Making Food Mostly Out of Air and Electricity

Solar Foods says its protein powder is “completely” disconnected from agriculture. But its currently low production yield of 1 kg per day raises red flags.
Audrey Carleton

Scientists Discover New Type of Blood Vessels In Our Bones

Human anatomy still contains many mysteries.
Jordan Pearson

Dead Tardigrade Found Buried 3,200 feet-Deep in Antarctica Lake

Scientists found a carcass of the extremophile, microbial tardigrade a kilometer underground near an Antarctic lake.
Caroline Haskins
government shutdown

The Government Shutdown Has Grounded NASA’s Only Flying Telescope

SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, is an observatory built onto a Boeing 747, but the government shutdown has stopped it from flying.
Kaleigh Rogers

Climate Change Is Making Waves Stronger

Climate change is changing our wind patterns, which is strengthening waves traveling across the earth's surface.
Caroline Haskins

2017 Was the Warmest Year for the Ocean on Record

According to a new study, human activity has caused our global ocean to warm to levels never seen on record.
Caroline Haskins
Atmospheric science

Chinese and Russian Scientists Teamed Up to Manipulate the Earth’s Atmosphere

The two countries were responsible for disrupting the planet’s ionosphere in a series of experiments this June.
Sarah Emerson