Trans Mountain

Pipeline Work Destroyed Salmon Habitat, Puts Orcas at Risk, Scientists Say

Expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline could spell trouble for salmon populations and the orcas that rely on them for food, experts say.
Mirjam Guesgen
Capture Loops

Oregon Wants to Kill More Federally-Protected Sea Lions to Save Endangered Fish

A case study in the unforeseen consequences of well-meaning attempts at wildlife conservation in the Pacific Northwest, so protective as to be counterproductive.
Leslie Nemo
fish farms

Watch a Pipe Spewing Blood Into a British Columbia Channel

“I didn’t know it would be so gruesome and disgusting.”
Samantha Cole
bear brawl

A Guy Punched a Black Bear in the Face When It Tried to Break Into a House

Human-black bear conflict is on the rise. It’s a sad story—for the bears.
Lisa Cumming
gross blog

Wet Hot American Bear Ass Tapeworm Summer

Oh, that? Just a tapeworm hanging out a bear's butt.
Sarah Emerson

Even West Coast Canada's Declining Salmon Population Has Its Own App

Community Fishers was designed to help researchers fill gaps in ocean science data collection, beginning with the declining salmon population in the Salish Sea.
Matthew Braga
Motherboard Blog

How To Farm the Seas Without Waste

Researcher Thierry Chopin gives aquaculture a facelift.
Tatiana Baez
Motherboard Blog

Science Press Releases Are Amazing (Salmon Lice Content Within)

Not all science news is "OMG Higgsbosongodparticle" or about boning or fashionable topics in nutrition. A great deal of it is really pretty boring, at least to most of us that aren't directly involved in the particular field of less-sexy science being...
Michael Byrne