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Watch a DIY Rocketeer Attempt to Land His Model Rocket Like SpaceX

Joe Barnard founded a company with the aim of matching the technical achievements in the space industry at the hobby rocket scale. Motherboard went to visit him to see how his tests of self-landing rockets are coming along.
Motherboard Staff

NASA's Mars Rocket is Over Budget and Behind Schedule, Audit Finds

“At its current rate, we project Boeing will expend at least $8.9 billion through 2021—double the amount initially planned—while delivery of the first Core Stage has slipped 2½ years.”
Becky Ferreira
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US Commercial Space Program in Jeopardy After Botched Launch

After an engine failure this morning, American and Russian administrators are rushing to find the cause of the problem so they can replace the crew of the ISS before 2019.
Caroline Haskins

Meet the Amateur Rocketeer Building Self-Landing Replicas of SpaceX Rockets

Joe Barnard has spent the last three years pioneering DIY landing technologies for amateur rockets and now the aerospace industry is paying attention.
Daniel Oberhaus

Watch the Air Force Blow Up a Piece of Spaceflight History

Cape Canaveral’s Space Launch Complex 17, built in 1956, was demolished on Thursday.
Becky Ferreira
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Rocket Igniters In Super Slow Motion Look Cool as Hell

Model rockets can be just as awe-inspiring as the Falcon Heavy from the right angle.
Becky Ferreira

Experts: America Doesn't Need All These Nukes

Nuclear deterrence can be way less pricey, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
David Axe
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The First Primate in Space Was Drugged and Strapped into a Nazi-Designed Rocket

On June 14, 1949, Albert II became the first primate to visit outer space, paving the way for human spaceflight.
Becky Ferreira

Watch this Clear Glass Model Rocket Get Lit

A bonafide window into rocket propulsion.
Becky Ferreira
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I Felt Every Emotion Standing in the Shadows of NASA's Apollo 1 Fire

Traveling to Pad 34 last week—a trip generously arranged for me by NASA staff—made me feel like I finally knew my grandpa, who tried to save three astronauts.
Kaleigh Rogers

We Are Living in the Age of the Reusable Rocket

SpaceX has successfully reflown (and landed) one of its used Falcon 9 rockets.
Jason Koebler

Canada Is Getting Its First Spaceport

Maritime Launch Services Ltd brings a global spaceflight network to a small Canadian town.
Becky Ferreira