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Aliens and Shower Sex Don’t Mix in the ‘Alien: Covenant’ Trailer

Billy Crudup is the captain! No Ripley—but there is someone who looks a lot like her!
Carl Franzen

This Guy Is Replicating ‘Blade Runner’ Shot-for-Shot in MS Paint

"The idea of actually completing something I start out to do (for once in my life) is very appealing.”
Rachel Pick
Radio Motherboard

Is 'The Martian' the Most Important Space Movie Ever Made?

Radio Motherboard discusses the first movie to take a real look at what a Martian settlement might look like.
Jason Koebler

Martian Science Vs. 'The Martian'

Is Martian science fiction making us ignorant of Mars science?
Lisa Messeri
All Fronts

The Author of Our Best SF Military Novel Explains the Future of War

Sci-fi's reigning king of war fiction on 3D-printed weapons, why interstellar war is impossible, and how, one day, we might actually see the end of war.
Brian Merchant

The First Martian CubeSats Will Launch Next Year

Microsatellites have democratized our view of Earth. Will they do the same for other planets?
Becky Ferreira

There's Finally a Not Shitty 'Alien' Video Game

After years of waiting, 'Alien: Isolation' is the first 'Alien' game not to suck... Ever.
Zack Kotzer
Motherboard Blog

A Dark Surrealist Cosmic Opera Music Video Made of 'OMNI' Stuff

A sci-fi fantasy feast in the vein of Solaris, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Kubrick, and the comic series Métal Hurlant.
Motherboard Blog

Like Lost, Prometheus Is Brilliant Only At Being Its Own Viral Marketing Campaign

The movie _Prometheus_, the thing itself, is as viral as its actual, "still-growing":http://crushable.com/entertainment/prometheus-10-11-12-viral-marketing-guy-pearce-185/ viral marketing campaign. I paid $11 last night not to watch a so-so _Alien...
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

Watch This Trailer: Ridley Scott's Aliens are Back in "Prometheus"

Is there anyone out there who isn't excited for _Prometheus_? Is there anyone out there who is hoping against hope that Ridley Scott has reclaimed his sci-fi throne in order to bless us with a bountiful return to the genre that defined him and that he...
Chris O'Coin