ride sharing

ride sharing

Lyft Accused of Helping People Cross a Workers’ Picket Line In Toronto

“Woke” Uber rival Lyft is making it easier for people to cross a picket line at the CNE in Toronto, union leader says.
Jordan Pearson
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Uber Wants to Fill the Boredom of Self-Driving Cars With VR

The company aims to patent virtual reality technology that lets you jack in while on the road.
Sarah Emerson

Lyft Is Launching in Its First Canadian City Today

It’s riding an anti-Uber wave into Toronto.
Tracey Lindeman
uber middleman

‘GoGoGrandparent’ Is Overcharging Seniors for Uber Rides, and Drivers Are Pissed

Uber drivers claim that a new startup has them doing more work for no added pay.
Sarah Emerson

Japan's Ultra-Polite Taxi Drivers Are Worried Uber Will Undermine Traditions

Taxi firms in Japan fear that Uber’s rise will erode customer service traditions in Japan.
Emiko Jozuka
Uber Earth

The Tiny Deal-Breakers That Make Uber Skip Town

A look into Uber’s regulatory mess.
Nicole Kobie
Uber Earth

Uber's Drive-By Politics

The fights that Uber and Lyft wage in cities like Austin look like local politics, but their actions often put corporate interests above local ones.​
Alex Rosenblat
Uber Earth

How Much Money Do People Spend on Uber?

We crunched a data set with the spending habits of about 50,000 people to see who’s spending what on Uber.
Adrianne Jeffries

Uber Was Around a Century Ago, and It Was Controversial Then Too

Uber has more in common with the world's first ride-sharing service than its CEO might want to admit.
Brian Merchant
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Uber Drivers Rally in Front of NYC Headquarters Over Price Drop

Uber drivers took to the New York City streets to protest the company’s unilateral decision to cut prices by 15 percent.
Nicholas Deleon

Uber Appeals Class Action Status, Insists It's Not a Cab Company

Uber is doubling down on the notion that it's a technology company first and foremost.
Sarah Jeong

In New York, Virtually Every Taxi Trip Can Be Shared

MIT researchers find that, with taxi-sharing apps, 30 percent of all road miles can be saved in New York City.
Michael Byrne