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New CIA Director Gina Haspel Oversaw Torture at a Black Site Then Lost Evidence of It

As "chief of base" of a CIA Black Site in Thailand, Haspel oversaw the torture and waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah, who still hasn't been charged with a crime.
Matthew Gault
climate change denial

A Secretary of State Pompeo Would Be Bad for Climate Issues

Secretary of State hopeful, Mike Pompeo, considers climate action the work of “radical environmentalists.”
Sarah Emerson
Hacking the Planet

Trump Is Giving Geoengineering Another Moment

New concerns over whether Trump will use geoengineering for evil are almost entirely unfounded.
Sarah Emerson
Those Emails

Rex Tillerson Used Alias 'Wayne Tracker' to Secretly Discuss ExxonMobil's Climate Change Problem

Trump's Secretary of State had admitted that his company contributed to global warming.
Ben Adler

Top Advisor Scorches Exxon’s Harassment of Environmentalists in Her Resignation Letter

"Many companies face criticism and critique, but few respond with the kind of vehemence and aggressive attack strategy that Exxon has executed over the last year."
Ben Adler
fake news

We Talked to Fake Rex Tillerson About Fake News

“People, including the media, like believing what is easy to believe.”
Sarah Emerson
Donald Trump

Rex Tillerson Dances Around Climate Change Questions During Senate Hearing

Tillerson acknowledged that climate change was real, but it's clearly not a priority.
Grennan Milliken

Rex Tillerson Denies Accusations That Exxon Lobbied Against Russian Sanctions

But there’s a very good chance he did.
Sarah Emerson
Donald Trump

The United States of Climate Change Denial

A guide to the men on Trump's cabinet who have vowed to reverse climate change progress.
Sarah Emerson & Jason Koebler
Donald Trump

Climate Scientists Protest the Trump Administration in San Francisco

Dozens of climate experts protested Donald Trump's anti-science administration outside of the American Geophysical Union's annual conference.
Sarah Emerson
Donald Trump

Scientists Say This Year’s Warming in the Arctic Was ‘Unprecedented’

“We’ve seen a year in 2016 in the Arctic like we’ve never seen before.”
Kate Lunau
Donald Trump

Environmentalists Want Tillerson to Testify About ExxonMobil’s Climate Deception

Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, is expected to be chosen as Secretary of State. Many environmentalists worry that American diplomacy could become an extension of fossil fuel interests.
Sarah Emerson