NASA Captures Stunning Images of ‘Nuclear Superbubbles’ in an Alien Galaxy

NGC 3079 is spitting out particles that balloon across thousands of light years in space.
Becky Ferreira
Atmospheric science

Chinese and Russian Scientists Teamed Up to Manipulate the Earth’s Atmosphere

The two countries were responsible for disrupting the planet’s ionosphere in a series of experiments this June.
Sarah Emerson

The Pentagon Wants to Put Radios on Rescuers' Teeth

The Molar Mic communicates sound by sending vibrations through the teeth and skull, enabling telepathy-like communication straight out of a video game.
Matthew Gault

Art Bell, the Radio Host Who Made America Believe in UFOs, Is Dead at 72

Goodbye to the man who brought the world UFOs, Area 51, and Alex Jones.
Matthew Gault
Internet Insecurity

Researchers Rickrolled Emergency Alert Sirens in Proof-of-Concept Hack

Security researchers found that it was relatively easy to hijack the signal of the emergency alert siren system in San Francisco.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
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Cryptocurrency Miners Are 'Limiting' the Search for Alien Life

Berkely's SETI project can't get its hands on the latest graphics cards, which are popular with cryptocurrency miners.
Matthew Gault
Radical Networks

How to Explore the Hidden World of Radio Waves All Around You

From spy planes to rogue Wi-Fi networks, journalists and artists are using new technology to reveal a hidden world.
Marc DaCosta
eyes on the universe

Astronomers Are 'Racing Against Time' as Humanity Clogs the Air With Radio Signals

Interference is playing havoc with radio telescopes.
Jacob Dubé
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Roger That: A Short History of the Walkie Talkie

The lineage of the walkie-talkie reaches from World War II to the modern cell phone, and even inspired a major cell network.
Ernie Smith
Did You Hear That?

Inside China's Supermassive Alien-Searching Radio Dish

The 500 meter wide FAST dish has made a poor rural province the center of China's search for extraterrestrial life. But how likely is it the telescope will indeed start intercepting alien messages?
Jamie Fullerton
Operation Moon Bounce,

How the Moon Was Turned Into a Cold War Spy Weapon

Leave it to the US Navy to weaponize the moon.
Daniel Oberhaus

Indigenous Peoples in Canadian Cities Want Their Own Radio Stations

Radio is a technology that connects people to their culture.
Jordan Pearson