The Moon

The Moon Has Tan Lines, NASA Says

Magnetic hotspots on the Moon might contain clues about how to protect humans from radiation on other planets.
Becky Ferreira
Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Visitors May Have Been Exposed to Radiation For Years

A park safety manager reveals that three buckets of uranium ore were sitting in a museum storage basement, starting in 2000.
Becky Ferreira

This Alien World Is Evaporating Faster Than Any Known Planet

“In only a few billion years from now, half of the planet may be gone.”
Becky Ferreira

‘Marie’ Is the First Life-Sized, 3D-Printed Human Body

Marie—a five-foot-one, fifteen-pound 3D printed body—could be used to help create better radiation treatments for cancer.
Caroline Haskins
woolsey fire

California’s Woolsey Fire Burns Near Site of Nuclear Meltdown, Sparking Panic

The owner of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Boeing, says the wildfire may have started “on or near” the contaminated Los Angeles facility.
Sarah Emerson
ozone layer

China’s Construction Industry Is Putting Earth’s Ozone Layer Back At Risk

A rise in atmospheric levels of CFC-11, a substance banned by the Montreal Protocol, prompted environmental investigators to find the source.
Becky Ferreira
Outer Limits

Reclaimed Land

Inside Colorado's Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, a former Superfund site that embodies the painful past and uncertain future of nuclear cleanup in America.
Lauren Steele
teens in space

A Teen’s International Space Station Experiment Will Help Us Colonize Mars

15-year-old Alia Almansoori got to watch her experiment get launched into space Monday.
Kaleigh Rogers
Wild Rides

Watch a GoPro Take a Ride Through an Electron Beam Irradiator

Shielded in lead and mounted on a conveyer cart, a GoPro braves the Mercury Plastic NeoBeam.
Becky Ferreira

How an Ancient Supernova Turned the Sky on Earth Electric Blue

Here’s what would happen if a supernova struck Earth.
Paul Tadich
We Totally Meant to Do That

Humans Accidentally Made a Space Cocoon For Ourselves Out of Radio Waves

Praise be to the radio-induced space bubble.
Becky Ferreira
Power VR

Radiation-Resistant Mutants at Chernobyl Pave the Way for Life on Mars

Radiotrophic beer is involved.
Becky Ferreira