quantum computing


This Physicist Turned Time Crystals From a Theoretical Oddity to an Odd Reality

Last year, scientists created a time crystal for the first time in a lab. It wouldn’t have been possible without the theories of Chetan Nayak.
Daniel Oberhaus
quantum computing

New Analysis Suggests That Commercial Quantum Computers Are Kinda Slow

D-Wave's quantum annealers face a fundamental limitation when it comes to scaling: temperature.
Michael Byrne
quantum computing

Rare-Earth Nanocrystals May Be a Key Component of Building the Quantum Internet

Caltech physicists offer a crucial new technology in quantum computing.
Michael Byrne

Doped Diamonds Push Practical Quantum Computing Closer to Reality

Good old silicon saves the day.
Michael Byrne
quantum supremacy

IBM Just Made a 17 Qubit Quantum Processor, Its Most Powerful One Yet

IBM, Google and others are racing to achieve quantum supremacy.
Meredith Rutland Bauer
Canada Budget 2017

Canada Is Investing $2 Billion in a Climate Disaster Mitigation Fund

In its new federal budget, Canada invests in machine learning and teaching kids to code, but offers no real plan for how to address workplace automation.
Jordan Pearson and Bryson Masse

OK, WTF Is a Time Crystal?

Physicists have made a new phase of matter called a time crystal—but what does that even mean?
Daniel Oberhaus
Big data

Researchers Accurately Predicted the Future of a Quantum System

In a big step forward for quantum applications, big data could be used to fix quantum systems before they break.
Daniel Oberhaus
motherboard show

Quantum Leap: Researchers Send Information Using a Single Particle of Light

This could pave the way for quantum computer circuits where electron qubits exchange information via photons.
Daniel Oberhaus

New Microwave Device Produces Single, Tunable Photons

Good news for quantum computing from physicists at the National Physical Laboratory.
Daniel Oberhaus

Quantum Computing Just Grew Way the Hell Up

Researchers implement a key piece of Shor's algorithm in a programmable quantum computer.
Michael Byrne

We Asked Some Experts to Score Justin Trudeau’s Explanation of Quantum Computing

Canada’s Prime Minister is no expert, but his explanation of quantum computing wasn’t terrible.
Daniel Oberhaus