public health

air pollution

Air Pollution Killed 600,000 Children in 2016, According to WHO Report

The World Health Organization found that 1.8 billion people under 15 are at risk of respiratory infections due to contaminated air.
Becky Ferreira
nuclear fallout

America Is Not Prepared for Nuclear War, Public Health Experts Warn

A gathering of experts organized by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said the US isn’t ready for the public health crisis that would follow a nuclear blast.
Matthew Gault
Choking Hazard

The City of Dust

Ahvaz is choking, and the Iranian government won't let researchers figure out why.
Pedestrian K.
health claims

There's a New .Health Domain and It Could Save You From Fake Medicine

In the vein of .gov and .edu, the new domain is supposed to help differentiate between doctors and quacks.
Knvul Sheikh
Budget Cuts

Trump’s EPA Cuts Mean Massive Layoffs, Dirty Water and Toxic Chemicals

“You can’t put ‘America First’ when you put the health of its people and its country last."
Grennan Milliken
Trump's EPA

All the Ways the Trump Administration Has Already Screwed the EPA

Clean water, clean air, clean cars? Nah.
Grennan Milliken
iPhone Medicine

How iPhone Health Tracking Data Can Help Us Understand Asthma

Apple's ResearchKit framework makes it easier to enroll patients in medical studies.
Knvul Sheikh
Not-so-super bugs

These Are the Most Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs in the World

As these bugs develop resistance to our last line of defense, it puts us in a serious pickle.
Kaleigh Rogers

What Almost Every Outbreak Story Gets Wrong

If the story of Gaëtan Dugas as Patient Zero was scientifically inaccurate, why did it persist for so long?
Leyla Mei

On Top of Everything Else, Climate Change Helps West Nile Disease to Spread

The good news is, widespread immunity can trump a drought's effects.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

Repealing Obamacare Will Seriously Disrupt How Doctors Work

It has the potential to hurt not only doctors’ abilities to treat their patients, but also their income.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

How Trump Could Change America's Vaccine Policies

Trump met with notorious anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Tuesday, but what can he actually do?
Kaleigh Rogers