The Head of CMU's Robotics Lab Says Self-Driving Cars Are ‘Not Even Close’

A conversation on rebuilding after Uber gutted the top lab.
Jordan Pearson

To Remind of Surveillance, Artists Stream Web Cams from Around the World

From picturesque landscapes to busy city squares, surveillance is everywhere.
Joseph Cox

Behind the Daily Paywall: The Site that Pays You to Read Pirated Articles

Paolo Cirio hacked into the Wall Street Journal, FT, and the Economist, and has published every paywalled story they ran in 2014. And he will pay you to read them.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

Academics Aren’t Impressed by Your TED Talk

Is TED just a front-runner or are academics jealous jerks?
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Frictionless Sharing's Dead. And Privacy?

The recent failure of several fledgling web services that challenged the boundaries of our willingness to live in public indicates we do have our limits, at least for now.
Austin Considine
Motherboard Blog

Who Showed Up to the FAA's Virtual Drone Town Hall?

Roughly 40 Americans, it turns out.
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

When Old, Out-of-Copyright Art Becomes Free Art

An interview with Adam Green, co-founder of the out-of-copyright art archive the Public Domain
Virginia W. Ricci
Motherboard Blog

How We All Pay for the Weather Channel

The Weather Channel — or Weather Underground or your TV weather person or your DIY forecasting buddy — pretty much just have what we have, which is the internet and the ability to access government-supplied data.
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

Hiking Up a Big Pile of Nuclear Waste in Weldon Springs, Missouri

Between 1940 and 1941, the US Army purchased 17,323 acres of land just outside of St. Louis, MO. On those acres happened to sit three towns, Hamburg, Howell, and Toonerville, all of which were evacuated over the course of a year. 700 people. The area...
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

Sorry Mark, Nobody Wants to Pay For Facebook

There are no shortage of oracle bones to presage the outcome of Silicon Valley’s largest ever IPO, no shortage of kindle for the raging pyre of hype.