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What Science Says About ‘The Keepers’ and Repressed Memories

The Netflix documentary series explores the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik and allegations of abuse by a priest at the high school where she taught.
Kaleigh Rogers
Don't Eat the Brown Acid

The Long, Hard Road to a Science of Bad Drug Trips

If we’re going to use psychedelics for therapy, we’re going to have to figure out the proverbial bad trip.
Daniel Oberhaus
mental health

Most People With Depression Go Without Treatment

A survey of 50,000 people in 21 countries paints a grim picture.
Michael Byrne
Luxury Week

I Went to a Therapist for the Wealthy to Find Out How Rich People Deal

There are lots of barriers to mental health care: is money to golden ladder that allows you to climb over them?
Kaleigh Rogers

​What a Night of Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Brain

A study offers new insight into why sleep is so important for our brains.
Victoria Turk

New Trials Are Using Ketamine to Treat Alcohol Addiction

Researchers in the UK and US are running studies to see if ketamine could help prevent alcoholics from relapsing.
Stephen Buranyi

Scientists Gave Depressed Patients Psilocybin in a First for Psychedelic Therapy

And the results are promising.
Victoria Turk
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Research Suggests a New Way to Identify Who Has Schizophrenia

Neuroscientists shed new light on the reality-distorting effects of schizophrenia.
Michael Byrne
mental health

How VR Could Be Used to Treat Severe Paranoia

"The best way to deal with a fear is to go into the situation. And learn that you are safer than you think."
Emiko Jozuka

​How Ketamine Infusions Saved My Life

Many are calling ketamine the biggest advance in depression treatment in years.
Jacki A.

A Clinical Trial Is Exploring How MDMA Could Help People With Autism

A pilot study is investigating how the drug could affect social anxiety in autistic adults.
Zoe Cormier
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Switzerland Briefly Legalized LSD Therapy and Then Couldn't Let It Go

From 1988 to 1993, Switzerland made therapy with psychedelic drugs legal. Therapists have been trying to continue their work since.
Stephen Buranyi