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Snowden’s Favorite Ad Blocker Can Now Automatically Detect New Tracking Scripts

Ghostery just escalated the ad blocking arms race.
Louise Matsakis
you're being watched

Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke, Princeton Researchers Find

“Session replay scripts” can be used to log (and then playback) everything you typed or clicked on a website.
Louise Matsakis
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Princeton’s Ad-Blocking Superweapon May Put an End to the Ad-Blocking Arms Race

An ad blocker that uses computer vision appears to be the most powerful ever devised and can evade all known anti ad blockers.
Jason Koebler

It’s Our Fault That AI Thinks White Names Are More 'Pleasant' Than Black Names

A new study reveals some unsettling trends in our mechanical friends.
Jordan Pearson

News Sites Are Tracking Your Web Traffic Way More Than Porn Sites

Third-party trackers have also slowed the adoption of secure HTTPS sites, study finds.
Janus Kopfstein

This Week's Other Big Particle Discovery: The Weyl Point

Imagine 3D graphene and manufacturing massless electrons.
Michael Byrne

Princeton Is Teaching a Free Online Course About Bitcoin

And yes, the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency textbook is part of it.
Jason Koebler
Motherboard Blog

Start Beef with Facebook and They'll Wreck You—With Data

Facebook shows Princeton will collapse and we'll all run out of air.
Yannick LeJacq
Motherboard Blog

A Volcano Or A Meteor Didn't Kill The Dinosaurs, It Was Both

Despite Michael Crichton's best efforts, the dinosaurs are still dead after 65 million years. While we know that much, what actually killed them off has been a matter up for continual debate. Some folks argue that the dino's extinction was caused by a...
Derek Mead