Internet Insecurity

The Attack on Fair Elections Is a Great Marketing Opportunity For Tech Companies

With Donald Trump downplaying and denying Russian attempts to interfere with American elections, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Cloudflare have filled the void as defenders of democracy.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Communication Issues

If Facebook Actually Wants to Be Transparent, It Should Talk to Journalists

A Facebook executive has been complaining about negative press coverage, yet the company declines to engage with journalists.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Mech Warriors

We Finally Know When the Giant Robot Duel Between the US and Japan Will Take Place

The battle will take place in August 2017, over two years after the PR-savvy US robotics company Megabots issued its challenge to Japanese company Suidobashi, according to a new video.
Carl Franzen

McDonald's Offers Activity-Tracking Wearables with Their 500 Calorie Happy Meals

An 8-year-old would need to walk about five hours to burn off a Happy Meal.
Madison Margolin

Why Is Kim Dotcom Still Saying He Invented Two-Factor Authentication?

Dotcom is promoting an upcoming service, which by all accounts appears to be something about monetizing torrenting with micropayments of bitcoin
Jordan Pearson

We Talked to the Former Sumo Wrestler Who Joined the Oregon Militia Occupation

Are the occupation’s viral videos a fluke or part of a strategy?
Jordan Pearson
short circuit

Amazon Tries to Discredit Ex-Employees Who Said Working at Amazon Sucks

Amazon wonders aloud whether the ex-employee had an "axe to grind."
Clinton Nguyen

The Canadian Government Paid $1M for Research to Promote the Tar Sands

Newly declassified documents reveal the scope of the government’s full court press on the oil sands.
Jordan Pearson

The Program Big Oil's PR Firm Uses to 'Convert Average Citizens'

Edelman runs software called the Grassroots Multiplier that it claims can "convert average citizens" into pro-oil "true champions."
Brian Merchant

Silicon Valley's Newest Dating App Is 'Tinder Without the Poor People'

“With the rise of high-speed digital dating, it’s about time somebody introduced a filter to weed out low-income prospects by neighborhood,” said the CEO of LUXY.
Brian Merchant

The World's Biggest PR Firm Is In Denial About Its Climate Change Denial

It's not every day that the CEO of the world's biggest PR company calls you up to deny that his firm denies climate change.
Brian Merchant

How the World's Biggest PR Firm Helps Promote Climate Change Denial

Edelman uses TV ads, astroturf groups, and slick websites to promote climate change denial around the globe.
Brian Merchant