As Ocean Predators Recover, Humans Need to Learn to Coexist

It’s great that sharks, whales, and sea otters are bouncing back in some marine areas. But it may also increase human-wildlife conflicts.
Becky Ferreira

Most Hunt Management Plans Aren’t Based in Science

In a new study, 60 percent of plans—spanning Canadian provinces and US states—lacked a scientific approach.
Lisa Cumming

Corporations Have Utterly Failed to Protect Speech

Facebook and Twitter are hurting those they should be protecting.
Jordan Pearson
State trojan

Germany Just Gave Cops More Hacking Powers to Get Around Encryption

Hacking may soon be used to combat money laundering, cash counterfeiting, drug trafficking, and over 30 other crimes.
Joseph Cox
We Were Staying in Paris

Cities and States Vow to Resist Trump’s Withdrawal From the Paris Agreement

Even the mayor of Pittsburgh thinks Trump’s withdrawal from the climate accord is misguided.
Daniel Oberhaus
Paris Disagreement

Former Mitt Romney Advisor Explains Why Conservatives Hate the Paris Agreement

"That’s President Obama’s fault, not President Trump’s fault."
Ankita Rao
paris agreement

Is Climate Change Policy Incompatible with Democracy?

President Donald Trump is considering withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. Will we ever make headway if we keep waffling?
Kaleigh Rogers
net neutrality

Canada Just Ruled to Uphold Net Neutrality

Happy 420, internet friends.
Jordan Pearson
Weed Week

The FBI Says It Can Finally Find Hackers Who Don’t Smoke Weed

The agency says it's managing to meet its hiring goals despite a ban on hiring anyone who's used marijuana within the last three years.
Daniel Oberhaus

Canada Is Considering Gender Quotas For Major Research Positions

The Naylor report examines problems faced by young researchers who felt shut out of the system.
Bryson Masse
A Smarter Gun

Gun Violence Cost Americans $6 Billion in Health Care Over the Last Decade

The Dickey Amendment makes research like this hard to come by.
Kaleigh Rogers
Bad News (for) Bears

Republicans Take New Steps Toward Dismantling the Endangered Species Act

Emboldened by a Republican-controlled Congress and an anti-regulation administration, the GOP is making big moves to cripple the watershed conservation law.
Kaleigh Rogers