Predictive Policing

Academics Confirm Major Predictive Policing Algorithm is Fundamentally Flawed

PredPol uses an algorithm based on earthquake prediction to “predict crime.” Academics say it’s simplistic and harmful.
Caroline Haskins
Predictive Policing

Dozens of Cities Have Secretly Experimented With Predictive Policing Software

Documents obtained by Motherboard using public information requests verify previously unconfirmed police department contracts with predictive policing company PredPol.
Caroline Haskins

License Plate Scanners Track Millions of Drivers to Catch a Handful of Criminals

A new collection of data from MuckRock and the Electronic Frontier Foundation has shown that law enforcement agencies only have an average hit rate of 0.5 percent for automated license plate readers.
Kaleigh Rogers

People Keep Calling the Cops on These Drunk Birds

“There is no need to call law enforcement about these birds as they should sober up in a short period of time.”
Becky Ferreira

Massachusetts Police Accidentally Tweet Evidence They’re Monitoring Left-Wing Activists

The tweet was meant to share information about the gas leak explosions, but revealed bookmarks for left-wing and Black rights Facebook groups.
Kaleigh Rogers
Port Out Scam

‘TELL YOUR DAD TO GIVE US BITCOIN:’ How a Hacker Allegedly Stole Millions by Hijacking Phone Numbers

California authorities say a 20-year-old college student hijacked more than 40 phone numbers and stole $5 million, including some from cryptocurrency investors at a blockchain conference Consensus.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

FBI Refuses to Release Dark Web Kingpin Arrest Video It Already Showed and Bragged About

The bureau rejected a FOIA request without explaining why.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
State of Surveillance

Supreme Court Says Cops Need to Get a Warrant to Get Your Phone Location Data

In a much-anticipated decision, the Supreme Court changed the course of history, siding with privacy activists and giving Americans stronger privacy protections in the digital age.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Phone Crackers

Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show

A Motherboard investigation has found that law enforcement agencies across the country have purchased GrayKey, a relatively cheap tool for bypassing the encryption on iPhones, while the FBI pushes again for encryption backdoors.
Joseph Cox
Cut Off

UK Cops Tried ‘DDoS-Style’ Tactics on Drug Dealers’ Phones

The technique likely wasn’t a literal DDoS, and instead telcos cutting off certain phones. But the end result was the same—drug dealers can’t communicate.
Joseph Cox

Three Armed Men Attempted to Rob a Bitcoin Exchange In Canada

One suspect was arrested, two remain on the lam.
Jordan Pearson

Florida Cop Bought Powerful Phone Malware That Can Intercept Emails and WhatsApp

In the first known case of a U.S. regional agency purchasing malware, a Florida Department of Law Enforcement officer bought FlexiSpy.
Joseph Cox