CYBER Podcast: Inside the Messy World of Nintendo Switch Hacking

Learn how games like 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' get pirated.
Motherboard Staff

An Expert Explains the Many Ways Our Elections Can Be Hacked

On the second episode of CYBER, Kim Zetter talks about America's outdated voting machines.
Jason Koebler

NASA Turns 60

NASA's former chief technologist Mason Peck discusses the past, present, and future of the agency that took humans to the moon.
Becky Ferreira
Science Solved It

To Solve a Medical Mystery, This Doctor Drank Live Bacteria

Dr. Barry Marshall swallowed helicobacter pylori to prove it was the cause of a common ailment.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

Where the Devil's Kettle 'Waterfall to Nowhere' Really Goes

It turns out the water doesn’t disappear at all.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

It Took 600 Years to Figure Out This Mysterious, Exploding Ancient Star

Korean royal astrologers saw a new star appear in the sky in 1437 AD, and it took 600 years for astronomers to find what they had seen, and explain why it appeared that night.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

The Mystery of the Kentucky 'Meat Shower'

A “meat shower” is exactly what it sounds like, but it turns out there’s a pretty simple, likely explanation for what caused it.
Kaleigh Rogers
Science Solved It

Meat Rain, Blood Waterfalls, and Chemtrails Star in the Second Season of Our Podcast

Science Solved It returns Tuesday, June 26 with all new episodes.
Kaleigh Rogers

Kanye's iPhone Album Art and the Rise of 'Good Enough' Media

The album art for Kanye West's 'ye' was shot and edited on an iPhone, just like tons of other media that millions of people love.
Jason Koebler

Historians Are Calling Out Trump Online Whenever He Misreads the Past

Engaging with new media is no longer a dalliance for the history profession in the misinformation age.
Daniel Crown
Sound Decisions

A Team of Volunteers Is Archiving SoundCloud in Case It Dies

Spurred by recent reports the German streaming music and audio company may be running out of cash, The Archive Team is racing to preserve sound files—at high cost.
Carl Franzen
Public Service Announcements

An Update to Your Motherboard

Motherboard is under new management.
Jason Koebler