After 18 Years of Telling You Not to Fix it Yourself, Sony Will Stop Repairing the PlayStation 2

By actively discouraging people from repairing their own consoles, Sony has left many gamers beholden to its repair service—which is now ending.
Matthew Gault

PlayStation Couldn't Have Picked a Better Developer for the New 'Tetris'

The developer of 'Rez' is free to get weird with 'Tetris Evolve' for PSVR.
Ian Birnbaum

Video Games Have a Loot Problem

'God of War' is a great game with an unnecessary loot system.
Emanuel Maiberg

The 'Spyro' Remaster Trailer Makes It Look Like the Cartoon You Imagined as a Child

The ’Spyro: Reignited Trilogy’ trailer makes the old games look new and lands on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September.
Matthew Gault
super seducer

PlayStation Won’t Publish ‘Super Seducer’ Pick-Up Artist Game After All

The game launched on Steam today, as planned.
Samantha Cole
pick up artists

Putting This PUA Game On PlayStation and Steam Normalizes Stalker Behavior

'Super Seducer,' a game about stalking and harassing women using pick-up artist tactics, is set to release next month on Steam and PlayStation.
Samantha Cole

The New 'Shadow of the Colossus' Is So Good It Erases the Original

Sometimes preservation is also an act of destruction.
Matthew Gault
virtual reality cats

The VR Version of Cat Collecting Game 'Neko Atsume' Is the Only Reality I Need

Virtual reality version of 'Neko Atsume' will come to PSVR next year.
Leif Johnson

Watch What 'Bioshock' Would Have Looked Like on the First PlayStation

98DEMAKE gives Irrational's seminal shooter that 1998 look.
Matthew Gault
n. sane

We Talked to 'Crash Bandicoot' Speedrunners About the Remake's New, Messed-Up Jump

Some subtle changes are making speedruns more difficult, but not everyone is convinced all the changes are necessarily bad.
Leif Johnson
Important Cultural Works

If Video Game Stories Don't Matter, How Do You Explain Night Trap's 25th Anniversary Edition?

The crown jewel of 90s full motion video games is coming to a platform that doesn’t have to compress video files.
Zack Kotzer
What Remains of Edith Finch

A Video Game That Finally Engages with Death and Succeeds

Facing personal loss and existential terror with a demo for the upcoming What Remains of Edith Finch.
Jess Joho