Study Again Shows 'Pirates' Tend to Be The Biggest Buyers of Legal Content

A new report out of the UK once again deflates the common narrative that pirates are exclusively looking to obtain free stuff.
Karl Bode
anime emergency

Japan Is in an Anime EMERGENCY

Manga and anime piracy is a big problem for creators, and the Japanese government is enacting an "emergency measure" to help.
Samantha Cole

US Navy Accused of Tech Piracy

The Navy is entangled in two long-running federal court cases involving intellectual property theft.
David Axe
SOPA, Canuck Style

Does Canada Even Have a Huge Piracy Problem?

A coalition of powerful organizations wants to block piracy websites in Canada.
Jordan Pearson
net neutrality

Canada’s Telecoms and National Media Want the Government to Block Piracy Websites

Digital rights groups worry that website blocking could cover more than illegal piracy.
Jordan Pearson

Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' Is the Most Pirated Book in Recent Memory

Media hype, a cease-and-desist notice, and sold-out bookstores have led people to share the controversial White House exposé online.
Matthew Gault

It's Illegal to Pirate Films in Iran, Unless You're the Government

Administrators of the Iranian movie site TinyMovies have been arrested.
Mahsa Alimardani
Cut The Cord

Big TV Is Trying to Use Lawsuits to Crush Pirated Streaming on Kodi Boxes

New lawsuits lobbed at third-party libraries of apps for the software are really stretching the definition of piracy.
Kaleigh Rogers
uh oh, eh?

A Telecom Giant Wants to Block Websites in Canada

Bell is taking a hardline approach to copyright and piracy.
Jordan Pearson

Netflix France Had Narcos Actors Say ‘There Are Bullets’ for People Who Pirate the Show

The streaming service produced a not-so-funny video for French audiences.
Louise Matsakis

The iPhone Is an Ideal Machine for Exerting Intellectual Property Control

Apple’s control over the iPhone means that consumers will continue to have more of an ongoing relationship with Apple than nearly any other company.
James Hayes
the beautiful game

Facebook Is the Latest Port of Call for Soccer Fans Who Pirate Live Streams

From the early days of weird BitTorrent-based apps to Facebook livestreaming, soccer fans will do whatever it takes to get their fix.
Mark Robinson