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Physicist Wins $3 Million Prize for Discovering Pulsars, Donates it All to Promoting Diversity in STEM

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell says she has battled “imposter syndrome” at many points in her career as a physicist.
Natalie Fratto

Antarctic Neutrinos Are Being Used to Weigh the Earth’s Core

The tiny particles can also be used to map and measure the cosmos, but now they’re being used to weigh and study the least understood region of our planet.
Caroline Haskins
The Sun

Humanity Just Flew Closer to the Sun Than Ever Before

On Monday, NASA’s Parker Solar Probe passed within 26.55 million miles, breaking a record that has stood for 42 years.
Becky Ferreira
gerard mourou

Recent Nobel Prize Winner Is 'Profoundly Sorry' for 'Degrading' Video of Women

2018 Nobel Prize winner Gerard Mourou made a music video where female dancers tear off their lab coats.
Sarah Emerson
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Leon Lederman, Nobel-Winning Physicist Who Coined the Term 'God Particle,' Dead at 96

Lederman sold his Nobel Prize at auction for $765,000 in 2015 in order to pay for medical bills.
Kaleigh Rogers
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Donna Strickland Wins Nobel Prize for Pioneering Work That Led to Development of Laser Tools

Strickland and Gérard Mourou discovered a way to stretch and amplify laser beams in the 1980s.
Kaleigh Rogers

Three Research Teams Account for the Total Sum of Ordinary Matter Particles in the Universe

Accounting for all matter the universe is pretty mind boggling, but it’s not nearly as impossible as it sounds.
Thom Dunn

In Major Breakthrough, Scientists Observe Higgs Boson Decay into Bottom Quarks

After years of attempts, the particle’s most common decay pattern has finally been observed at the Large Hadron Collider.
Becky Ferreira
noodle physics

Finally, We Know How to Break Dry Spaghetti Noodles Perfectly In Half

A bend and a twist make dry noodles break in half, instead of shattering all over the kitchen.
Samantha Cole

Physicists Are Misled by Outdated Notions of 'Beauty'

In the foundations of physics, it has become accepted practice to prefer hypotheses that are aesthetically pleasing.
Sabine Hossenfelder

We Talked to a Scientist Who Makes Those Incredibly Satisfying Computer Animations

Physics-based animation can be used to test the strength of bridges, make hyper-real animated films, and blow your mind.
Mirjam Guesgen
Don't Panic

The 42 Biggest Questions About Life, the Universe, and Everything

In a homage to 'Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,' two physicists explain the biggest unknowns in science. I’ve summed them up as a tweetstorm.
Daniel Oberhaus