Cyborg Plant Controls a Robot to Move Itself Towards Light

A plant-robot cyborg developed by researchers at MIT uses electrodes, light detectors, and wheels to save a plant from perishing.
Caroline Haskins
climate change

Climate Models Overestimate How Much CO2 Plants Can Remove From the Atmosphere

Carbon dioxide levels might increase even more rapidly than expected based on new research on the molecular mechanisms of photosynthesis.
Daniel Oberhaus
ancient earth

The Oldest Color Ever Discovered Is 1.1 Billion Years Old

The pink pigments help answer the question of why complex life took so long to emerge.
Daniel Oberhaus

Crops that Can Grow in the Dark? Not Yet, But It’s a Step

It's not exactly plants that grow in the dark, but new research points that way to more sunlight-efficient crops.
Michael Byrne

Scientists Have Isolated a Gene That Helps Plants Survive Drought Conditions

Hardier plants may be a necessity in the years ahead.
Rachel Pick

Five Ways Scientists Want to Hack Plants to Improve Photosynthesis

The amount of land dedicated to farming is shrinking, the world's crop productivity is stagnating, and the population is still growing. What are we going to do about the looming agricultural crisis?
Ben Richmond

Deforestation Could Be Worse for Carbon Emissions Than We've Calculated

When forests are selectively logged, the dead trees left behind don't just stop producing oxygen; they emit carbon.
Emiko Jozuka

Eating the Sun: Can Humans Be Hacked to Do Photosynthesis?

Several animals can already do photosynthesis. Will humans follow suit?​
Maddie Stone

Why Use Artificial Leaves in Space When Real Leaves Work Just Fine?

As cool as the Silk Leaf is, you can’t eat one.
Becky Ferreira
Motherboard Blog

How Life Harvests Light Even in Total Blackness

Should we be hunting a whole new sort of alien life?
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

These Weird Little Bugs Are Using Sunlight for Food

Here's something that could solve a great deal of humanity's problems real quick: humans not having to eat so much, or at all. We could stop mowing down the Amazon to plant grains to feed cows, or maybe we could take our collective foot off the neck of...
Michael Byrne
Motherboard Blog

This Fake Leaf Will Change the World

First off, a solar panel like the kind the world uses now is not a fake leaf. It converts sunlight into electricity by converting it into heat and that heat is used to turn turbines. So when I say “fake leaf” I mean actual photosynthesis, a chemical...
Michael Byrne