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In Long-Lost Radio Interview, Carl Sagan Talks Aliens and Religion

“We’re in the galactic boondocks.”
Sarah Emerson

Bob Ross Was an Internet Celebrity Before the Internet

It's like Bob Ross knew YouTube and Twitch were coming.
Fruzsina Eordogh
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The Hard-Hitting Film the NFL Doesn't Want You To See Could Change the Game for Good

"League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis," a documentary airing on PBS Tuesday night based on a book that was released this week, is the most direct assault on the league to date.
Evin Demirel
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"Is Facebook Changing Our Identity?" (Singularity Content Within)

Posed by the newest video in the PBS Idea Channel series (above), it's a good question. Facebook has almost a billion users, storing on the site some 250 million photos daily. archiving a past (of sorts) along a neat timeline. In an idealized world, we...
Michael Byrne
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Julia Stiles in '94: 'Can You Jam with the Console Cowboys in Cyberspace?'

Ah, 90s edu-tainment sitcoms. Not since the 50s had being a teenager seemed so damn cool. Between backwards hats, skateboards with two tails, grungy wardrobes, and the blossoming Internet, it was a hell of a time to be a teen actor. For the period, PBS...
Derek Mead
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"Japan's Killer Quake" is the Finest Reporting on 2011's Most Violent Upheaval

The combination earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster that hit Japan earlier this year is surely one of the biggest stories of 2011. That's especially true in the tech world, with the combined disasters having a massive impact on both the technology...
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Internet Conspiracy Theories in the Dial-Up Days (Video)

Despite its growth and spread and ever newfangled ways for delivering the "facts," the Internet really isn't much different now than it was more than a decade ago, at least in one way: it's still giving factually-creative types everywhere an easy...
Derek Mead
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Ones and Zeros: Tupac Lives, A Clean Internet for Iran

_Come to think of it, New Zealand would be a nice place to retire._ h3. ZERO: US official doesn't not deny that US built the Stuxnet virus ("Wired":http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2011/05/defense-department-stuxnet) h3. ONE: In retaliation for...
Ones Zeros
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What Did Chernobyl Do, Really? (Video)

Official science is revisiting the health impacts of the disaster, with some grim but ambiguous findings. The biggest changes aren't to be found on the irradiated Ukrainian steppe, however, so much as in the human psyche. Waylaid by terrorism and...
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Cookie Monster Was Born in An Ad for IBM: Video

In the late 1960s, few people knew what a computer was - much less a Muppet. But in 1967, two years after the introduction of its Selectric typewriter, IBM hired filmmaker and commercial director Jim Henson (Esskay Meats, Marathon Gasoline) to make a...