Internet Insecurity

Reddit Should Tell Us More About How it Got Hacked

It really sounds like Reddit employees got SIM hijacked. If that’s the case, the company should be more transparent. Everyone gets hacked: It's how you disclose it, and deal with it, that distinguishes you and makes a difference.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Google Is Still Planning a ‘Smart City’ in Toronto Despite Major Privacy Concerns

After nine months, the new deal between Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto is still light on details about data, surveillance, and privacy.
Bianca Wylie

Science Fiction Is Not Social Reality

The tech industry is inspired to create our world from linear, scripted science fiction stories.
S.A. Applin

Why I Took Legal Action Against Cambridge Analytica

If I win, I can show the world a voter file with 5,000 data points the company compiled. I can show others where that information came from, how to request the information for yourself, and how to opt-out. If I win, everybody wins.
David Carroll

FOSTA Sex Trafficking Bill May Worsen Deepfake Porn Problem

The worst parts of SESTA have been put into a bill that will likely make platforms ignore moderation altogether.
Charles Duan

There Are No Guardrails on Our Privacy Dystopia

If tech is going to infiltrate, influence, and shape all of society, it is unacceptable for tech and pure market forces to decide the limits of the surveillance state.
David Golumbia
Chris Gilliard

America's Farmers Are Becoming Prisoners to Agriculture's Technological Revolution

Big data, proprietary systems, and restrictive EULA agreements threaten farmers, but the right to repair movement shows they are fighting back.
Rian Wanstreet

Just .69 Percent of Americans Use Opera, Which Is a Bummer Because it's Like Chrome But Better

Opera is built on the same engine as Chrome but is optimized to use less memory, which has made life much less frustrating for tab-obsessed users.
Jason Koebler
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Reclaim the Golf Courses

The world after golfing is a greener, more accessible one.
Jordan Pearson
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Mining Cryptocurrency to Pay for Journalism Is Not the Worst Idea I've Ever Heard

When Salon tried a new way to monetize users with adblockers, everybody hated it.
Jordan Pearson

Dissidents Have Been Abandoned and Besieged Online

Neither governments nor the cybersecurity community have taken enough responsibility for protecting human rights activists from hacking and surveillance.
Collin Anderson
Claudio Guarnieri
The Social Network

Facebook Is Deprioritizing Our Stories. Good.

A society that relies on a centralized portal to get its news may very well be doomed.
Jason Koebler