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Someone Defaced Website With ‘Goatse’ And Anti-Diversity Tirade

Someone took control of a Linux unofficial community website and replaced its regular content with a NSFW meme, a dox of a transgender open source developer, and anti-diversity messages.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
3 days ago
voting machines

This MIT PhD Wants to Replace America's Broken Voting Machines with Open Source Software, Chromebooks, and iPads

In 2006, Ben Adida wrote a 254-page PhD dissertation on "cryptographic voting systems." Now, he wants to fix America's broken voting machines.
Jason Koebler

The Culture War Comes to Linux

After Linux adopted a new Code of Conduct, a small group of programmers threatened to rescind their code from the project. Lead Linux developers say the threat is "hollow."
Daniel Oberhaus
open source

Creator of Linux Apologizes For Being a Jerk and Says He’s Working on ‘Understanding Emotions’

Linus Torvalds, the creator of the open source Linux operating system, apologized for his “lifetime of not understanding emotions” and “flippant attacks in emails.”
Daniel Oberhaus
Ice Ice Baby

Open Source Devs Reverse Decision to Block ICE Contractors From Using Software

Only a day after a software developer decided to revoke access to a popular open source program from any organization that collaborated with ICE, he was booted from the group and the license was changed back.
Daniel Oberhaus
open source

Major Open Source Project Revokes Access to Companies That Work with ICE

On Tuesday, developers behind Lerna revoked access for any company collaborating with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Daniel Oberhaus

13,000 Projects Ditched GitHub for GitLab Monday Morning

Gitlab told Motherboard that the company gained 50,000 new projects in the lead up to Microsoft's announcement that it acquired Github.
Daniel Oberhaus

This Slightly Haunting Childlike Robot Has Helped Scientists Crowdsource Research for Over a Decade

It’s called iCub and is able to do some pretty amazing feats.
Kaleigh Rogers
computer history

The First Text Adventure Game Ever Is Finally Open Source

‘Colossal Cave Adventure’ is due for an update.
Jordan Pearson
Collective Intelligence

A Plea for Multispace, the DIY Civic Internet That Will Never Exist

Researcher proposes an information infrastructure "beyond what is unlikely to ever be supported by commercialized information and communication systems."
Michael Byrne

GitHub Uses Broken Cryptography, But It Has a Plan

SHA-1 rears its ugly head.
Jordan Pearson

Someone Is Trying to Sneak Bitcoin Mining Code Into Open Source Software

Stay vigilant.
Jordan Pearson