Right to Repair

Right to Repair Legislation Is Officially Being Considered In Canada

A newly-proposed bill could become the first legislation to ensure individuals and independent shops can repair brand-name devices in North America.
Jordan Pearson
an hour ago

Canada's Post Office Leaked Personal Data of Legal Weed Customers

The rollout of legal weed in Ontario has been a disaster, and now it can add a privacy breach to its growing list of woes.
Jordan Pearson
Video Games

Microsoft Quietly Piloted a Conservative Political Ad on Xbox

Microsoft says it sought input from players and decided to remove the ad for conservative Canadian politician Doug Ford that appeared on the Xbox dashboard in June.
Jordan Pearson
basic income

Conservatives Just Killed Canada's Basic Income Pilot

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's administration cancelled the basic income pilot on Tuesday, which was supposed to run for three years and gave participants a monthly no-strings-attached support payment.
Jordan Pearson

A Tesla Is Not Just a Car for Elon Musk’s Superfans

As electric-vehicle rebates dry up, would-be Tesla owners are facing an existential crisis.
Tracey Lindeman

Doug Ford, Canada’s Version of Trump, Is Waging His Own War on the Environment

Doug Ford is already cutting the GreenON fund, and said that the cap-and-trade program will be his first priority as premier of Ontario.
Farnia Fekri
ruh roh

Canada’s New National Alert System Failed Spectacularly During Its First Test

Alerts didn’t make it to mobile devices in Quebec and Ontario.
Jordan Pearson
Reality Checks

Basic Income Is Being Set Up to Fail

The current crop of basic income trials fall painfully short of holding society-changing potential.
Jordan Pearson
basic income

Basic Income Is Already Transforming Life and Work In a Postindustrial Canadian City

In Hamilton, Ontario, a basic income pilot is improving individual lives—but bureaucratic pitfalls and tepid goals can limit its potential.
Jordan Pearson
hail marys

A Struggling Town Is Reviving Itself With... Geocaching

Wilberforce, Ontario just lost its only bank branch—now, residents are hoping an early internet trend can help revive the town.
Robert Mackenzie
mining eh?

Hackers Used Ontario Government and CAMH Websites to Mine Cryptocurrency

Hackers hijacked a popular plugin.
Jordan Pearson

The Activist Helping Abuse Survivors Tell Their Stories Through Comics

Krittika Ghosh helps immigrant women share their perspectives and energize their communities.
Jacob Dubé