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VR Was the 'Next Big Thing' 20 Years Ago. What's Different Now?

The foundation for broad adoption is more substantial, but content could be problematic.
Alyssa Oursler

Oculus’s New 'Infinite Canvas' Will Make You Question Your Place in the Universe

Fly into an endless virtual scene created by a former Dreamworks animator.
Samantha Cole

Facebook Wants You To Embrace 'Social VR' (and Forget About Palmer Luckey)

Mark Zuckerberg shows off a future where our virtual avatars hang out together.
David Bixenspan
short circuit

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney Is Not a Fan of How Oculus Rift Software Is Distributed

The Oculus Rift looks to be a huge success—if you ignore how software is distributed.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

We Talked to a Famous Adult Actress About the Promise of Virtual Reality Porn

The VR porn hype train has left the station, but its success is still unknown.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

A Virtual Reality Debate Is Basically as Fun as a Real-Life Debate

VR was a fun gimmick for the Democratic presidential debate, but it wasn’t quite the transformative experience you may be lead to believe.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

You’ll Be Able to Play 'Minecraft' in VR Next Year

Sorry, Notch.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

Get Ready to Control the Camera Angle of Facebook Videos

The road to VR acceptance begins with 360 videos.
Nicholas Deleon

Oculus Catches Up to Valve With Finger Tracking Controllers

Oculus unveils its input solution ahead of E3.
Emanuel Maiberg

Meet ‘Henry,’ the Star of Oculus’ Second VR Film

Aww, he’s so cute.
Jordan Valinsky
Perfect Worlds

Project Elysium is a virtual reality project to bring people back from the dead

Virtual reality won't bring the dead back to life, but it can be a way to remember.
Emanuel Maiberg