Affordable Care Act

More Breast Cancers Diagnosed Early After Obamacare

File under least surprising things.
Michael Byrne

Republicans Hellbent on Repealing Obamacare Are Making Americans Endlessly Relive the Worst Experiences of Their Lives

Every I-would-have-died-if-not-for-Obamacare story is someone digging deep into their psyche to talk about their most vulnerable moments.
Jason Koebler

Canadians With Cystic Fibrosis Live 10 Years Longer Than Americans

Canadians had a 77 percent lower risk of death over the course of this study than US patients with no health insurance.
Kate Lunau
The Cure Culture

Remember the People America’s Healthcare System Has Already Killed

We've heard brave stories from people whose lives have been saved by health insurance, but thousands of Americans have already died because of lackluster coverage.
Jason Koebler
Disastrous Plan

As a 29-Year-Old Cancer Patient, I Find Paul Ryan’s Argument Against Health Insurance Appalling

No one should have to decide between being bankrupt or dead.
Derek Mead

Happy International Women’s Day: Read Three Bills Threatening Women’s Health

Many of these bills aren’t new, but they could each seriously impact women’s health in America.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

The New White House Website Launched with No Mention of Healthcare

The top six issues on the site include energy and jobs, but no health coverage.
Ankita Rao
Donald Trump

Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Doesn’t Believe in Basic Science

Representative Tom Price faced a lot of questions, but the point on climate change revealed the most.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

Repealing Obamacare Will Seriously Disrupt How Doctors Work

It has the potential to hurt not only doctors’ abilities to treat their patients, but also their income.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

A Surgeon and a CEO Land the Top Health Jobs in Trump’s Administration

Tom Price has been nominated to lead Health and Human Services, while Seema Verma will head Medicaid and Medicare.
Kaleigh Rogers
Donald Trump

What a Trump Presidency Means For Science

We don't know a lot about our future president's plans for health, climate or the internet. But here's what's at stake so far.
Ankita Rao

Trump vs. Clinton: Who's Better on Health?

A Motherboard report card.
Kaleigh Rogers