Replacing the NYC Subway System With Autonomous Cars Is a Terrible Idea

The subway may be ailing, but it's too important to give up on now.
Tracey Lindeman

Airbnb Is Screwing Over New York’s Vulnerable Neighborhoods

Everyone knows Airbnb is bad for the housing market. But it's starting to get worse.
Ankita Rao
On Edge

I Turned the Stress of Living In New York Into a Science Experiment

I enlisted a team of experts to hack my own stress, while understanding what makes New York a vibrant and difficult city.
Ankita Rao

Meet the Spreadsheet That Can Solve NYC Transit (and the Man Who Made It)

Charles Komanoff's 'Balanced Transportation Analyzer' is the most comprehensive accounting possible of how a congestion charge in Manhattan would affect New York City.
Aaron Gordon

NYC Is So Desperate for Amazon’s Love It’s Turning Every Single Light Orange

Mayor Bill de Blasio is thirsty to win the bid for the tech giant’s second headquarters.
Louise Matsakis
Gold and Silver

I Went on a 'Pokémon Go' Raid at Trump Tower

“Everybody knows I’m the very best, like no one ever was.”
Jacob Kleinman

A New York City Education Department Employee Got Caught Mining Bitcoin at Work

It doesn't appear as though he got fired.
Louise Matsakis
Radio Motherboard

Sci-Fi Author Kim Stanley Robinson Talks About 'New York 2140'

The new novel imagines life in a partially drowned NYC after massive sea level rise from climate change.
Carl Franzen
you guys seen these?

Why Are We Seeing So Many Fireflies in New York This Year?

There have been reports of higher than normal firefly populations, but it’s probably fine.
Kaleigh Rogers
What Is the iPhone?

Is Apple Cool? 11 Teens Weigh In

11 NYC teens are disillusioned with Apple, but they still buy its products.
Emma Griffith
inclusive tech

NYC's Innovation Director Has a Mission to Fight Inequality

New York City’s director of innovation Jeff Merritt tells Motherboard about how he's working to ensure lower-income communities have access to the same tech as wealthy ones.
Samantha Cole
innovation for all

Your City’s Cheapest Housing Is Also Most At Risk

Motherboard chats with NYC public housing official Rasmia Kirmani-Frye about why public housing is so important to cities, and how smart tech can help it.
Grennan Milliken