Nuclear Weapons

Why the People Responsible for US Nukes Tweeted a Veiled Threat on New Year’s Eve

The horrifying gaffe raises questions about how the US military uses social media.
Matthew Gault

A 'Fallout 76' Bug Has Disabled All Nuclear Weapons in the Game

Bethesda confirmed that a bug has accidentally turned ‘Fallout 76’ into a nuke free game.
Matthew Gault

'Fallout 76' Players Are Breaking Nuclear Launch Code Cryptography to Unleash Hell

If this is the security the ‘Fallout’ world used to protect its ICBMs, no wonder it perished in nuclear war.
Matthew Gault
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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Jokes About Nuclear War in ‘Fallout 76’

‘Fallout 76’ trivializes and mocks nuclear war, and honestly, that’s what I need right now.
Matthew Gault

'We Were Guinea Pigs': Soldiers Explain What Nuclear Bomb Blasts Feel Like

"It was as if someone my size had caught fire and walked through me."
Matthew Gault
Life imitating art

This Nuke Expert's Terrifying New Novel Is the Warning We Need Right Now

Real life has hewed closely to fictional events in 'The 2020 Commission Report on the North Korean Attacks Against the United States,' taking the book's author, American nuclear policy expert Jeffrey Lewis, by surprise.
David Axe

The US Military Has a New Facility for Overseeing Nuclear War

The C2F, as it's known, is unlikely to survive very long during a full-scale nuclear war.
David Axe

Here Are More Than 250 Newly Released Videos of Nuclear Bomb Blasts

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is preserving decades-old test videos of the weapon that changed everything.
Jordan Pearson

A Country That Has More Than 100 Nukes Is Just Owning Itself

A new report out today shows that launching more than 100 nukes puts the aggressor country at risk of starving its own population.
Matthew Gault
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Nukes in the Age of AI

A new report from the RAND Corporation explains how artificial intelligence might affect the risk of nuclear war.
Matthew Gault

Use This Map to See How Dead You'll Be If a Nuke Hits Your City

Outrider's interactive nuclear blast map is the best way to find out how you'll die if a nuke hits your city.
Matthew Gault
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Nuclear War Experts: 'John Bolton Is an Asshole'

'[He’s] a terrible person who gives terrible advice and treats people like shit. If I were in the White House, I would resign immediately rather than be subjected to his tirades.'
Matthew Gault