Nuclear Weapons


'We Were Guinea Pigs': Soldiers Explain What Nuclear Bomb Blasts Feel Like

"It was as if someone my size had caught fire and walked through me."
Matthew Gault
Life on Mars?

Sorry Elon: NASA Says Mars Can’t Be Terraformed With Existing Technology

Elon Musk once suggested nuking the Martian poles to terraform the Red Planet, but NASA research shows why this would definitely not work.
Daniel Oberhaus

Russia’s ‘Batshit Crazy’ New Super-Weapons Are Mostly Hype

The power of the Kremlin's new supersonic and atomic missiles are exaggerated, experts say.
David Axe

A Country That Has More Than 100 Nukes Is Just Owning Itself

A new report out today shows that launching more than 100 nukes puts the aggressor country at risk of starving its own population.
Matthew Gault

Could We Actually Nuke an Asteroid to Save Earth?

How to use a human-made Doomsday device to defeat a universe-made Doomsday device.
Becky Ferreira

An Avalanche of Errors Led to the False Missile Alert in Hawaii

The FCC heard a preliminary report from an investigation into what went wrong.
Kaleigh Rogers

Experts: America Doesn't Need All These Nukes

Nuclear deterrence can be way less pricey, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
David Axe
Nuclear Weapons

Scientists Tell Us What Would Happen If North Korea Detonated a Hydrogen Bomb Underwater

North Korea’s underwater nuclear test seems more and more likely—but what happens after the bomb goes off?
Caroline Haskins
Manhattan Project

One of the Last Remaining Manhattan Project Scientists Has Died

And with him, perhaps, our nuclear sanity.
Brian Merchant
air force

The Dragons In ‘Game of Thrones’ Aren’t Nukes, They’re an Air Force

This post contains spoilers for 'Game of Thrones' season 7, episode 4.
Matthew Gault
Not a Thing

Chill, North Korean Nukes Aren’t Going to Trigger a Volcanic Eruption

There’s plenty of other stuff to be scared about.
Sarah Emerson
The Bomb

Hawaii Is Preparing a New Nuclear Contingency Plan Because of North Korea

FOIA documents show the Hawaii Department of Defense is about to revamp its emergency plans for a nuclear missile attack.
Sarah Emerson