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Trump Admin Secretly Shipped Plutonium to Nevada and State Officials Are 'Outraged'

“They lied to the State of Nevada, misled a federal court, and jeopardized the safety of Nevada’s families and environment,” Governor Sisolak said.
Becky Ferreira
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The Man Who Helped Design a 10,000-Year Nuclear Waste Site Marker

Astro-artist Jon Lomberg, a longtime friend and colleague of Carl Sagan, on protecting future humans from America’s atomic past.
Samuel Gilbert
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First Nations in Ontario Are Grappling With Nuclear Waste on Their Lands

The plan to build a nuclear waste dump on the Great Lakes is inching forward. It still needs consent from the Saugeen Ojibway Nation.
Kate Lunau

Unsafe Nuclear Waste Management May Put Eight Million Americans at Risk

Experts say the nuclear industry and Congress have put pressures on regulators to lowball the risk of nuclear accidents.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Kitty Litter, Ocean Burial, Shooting It at the Sun: The Worst Ways to Stash Nuclear Waste

Humanity has come up with some unbelievably bad storage solutions for radioactive waste over the years.
Daniel Oberhaus
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Radioactive Cats and Nuclear Priests: How to Warn the Future About Toxic Waste

Nuclear waste can remain toxic for tens of thousands of years. How do you warn the future that they’re standing on nuclear waste when there’s no one around to translate?
Daniel Oberhaus
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Watch Our 360/VR Documentary POWER on How Nuclear Energy Is Made

Motherboard takes you inside three nuclear facilities in 360/VR.
Motherboard Staff
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The Plan to Build a Million-Year Nuclear Waste Dump on the Great Lakes

How to future-proof an underground vault long after we are gone.
Kate Lunau
Daniel Oberhaus

These Geniuses Want to Build Trump’s Border Wall With Nuclear Waste

Not the best idea.
Daniel Oberhaus

To Prevent a Nuclear Disaster, Washington Firefighters Burned a Whole Mountain

"Sometimes, you fight fire with fire."
Sarah Emerson

The Mini Robot Submarines Fishing for Nuclear Waste

A team in England is using the remote operated vehicles to pluck out medical isotope cartridges from a nuclear spent fuel storage pool.
Kaleigh Rogers

We Still Don't Know Where to Bury Our Nuclear Waste

The US still hasn't built its long-term nuclear waste storage facility. Canada may get there first.
Graham Templeton