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Ig Nobels

The 2018 Ig Nobels Honor Discoveries About Cannibalism, Voodoo, and DIY Colonoscopies

The annual parody of the Nobel Prize also celebrated studies about human saliva as a cleaning agent, the effect of roller-coasters of kidney stones, and the use of postage stamps as erection detectors.
Becky Ferreira

In Major Breakthrough, Scientists Observe Higgs Boson Decay into Bottom Quarks

After years of attempts, the particle’s most common decay pattern has finally been observed at the Large Hadron Collider.
Becky Ferreira
Science Solved It

To Solve a Medical Mystery, This Doctor Drank Live Bacteria

Dr. Barry Marshall swallowed helicobacter pylori to prove it was the cause of a common ailment.
Kaleigh Rogers
communication skills

Wikipedia’s Science Articles Are Elitist

Maybe Wikipedia readers shouldn’t need science degrees to digest articles about basic topics. Just an idea.
Michael Byrne

Nobel Winner Kazuo Ishiguro's ‘Never Let Me Go’ Predicted the Gene Editing Debate

On Thursday, Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
Ben Richmond
ripples in spacetime

Nobel Prize in Physics Recognizes the Dawn of a Whole New Kind of Astronomy

Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne, and Barry Barish are named for leading the effort to detect gravitational waves.
Becky Ferreira
Kate Lunau
sexism in science

Machine Learning Reveals Systematic Sexism in Astronomy

Male astronomers are cited 10 percent more frequently than female astronomers in leading journals.
Becky Ferreira
In Science We Trust

A Nobel Winning Biologist Tells Us How Scientists Can Keep the Public's Trust

Venki Ramakrishnan also said the US could risk losing research and innovation power.
Ankita Rao

This Is What It’s Like Living With Two Types of DNA

There was little hope for blood cancer patients until Donnall Thomas came along.
Ronni Gordon

Scientists Find a Quasicrystal from Outer Space in a Russian Meteorite

How does an impossible material with forbidden symmetries form in the scattered grains of a meteorite? There’s no simple answer.
Becky Ferreira

Why 2,300 Scientists Sent a Letter to the Trump Transition Team

"We certainly want the incoming administration and Congress to pay attention."
Samantha Cole

How Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate, Predicted the Future

His lyrics foreshadowed climate change, globalization and a future world war.
Ankita Rao