monk seal

Everything You Wanted to Know About This Monk Seal With an Eel in Its Nose

“This is the third or fourth case of an eel in the nose that we have observed.”
Sarah Emerson

Trump Wants to Allow Seismic Oil Surveys in the Atlantic Ocean

Companies can now apply for permits to shoot underwater airguns that hurt ecosystems to assess offshore drilling potential.
Becky Ferreira
alaska earthquake

Scenes of Destruction as 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Alaska

A massive earthquake on Friday has triggered a tsunami warning for parts of southern Alaska.
Sarah Emerson

Ozone Recovery Continues, But Suspected Emissions From China Slows Progress

The Montreal Protocol of 1987 continues to be a success story about international environmental cooperation.
Becky Ferreira
killer whales

Our Efforts to Save the Whales May Be ‘Too Little, Too Late’

Both Canada and the US have failed to protect the endangered southern resident killer whale, whose population today is 74.
Alastair Spriggs
climate change

Sea Level Rise Will Flood Key Internet Infrastructure Within 15 Years

NYC, Miami, and Seattle are among the metropolitan regions most vulnerable to internet infrastructure damage due to climate change.
Becky Ferreira
under the sea

The Best Livestream on Earth Is Back, Live from the Bottom of the Ocean

The NOAA's 'Okeanos Explorer' just began its dive of the Gulf of Mexico.
Samantha Cole

Even Meteorologists Think Hurricane Ophelia Is Really Weird

Some Sunday forecasts for ex-hurricane Ophelia, which is now striking Ireland, didn't show its full path.
Caroline Haskins
first responders

Ham Radio Hobbyists Are Connecting the Caribbean After Hurricane Maria

The storm silenced much of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. But a volunteer network of hams are helping people reach their loved ones.
Sarah Emerson
space weather

Solar Flares Interfered With Radio Network’s Ability to Warn People About Hurricane Irma

“It’s sad, knowing you’re trying to get the information out, or maybe someone out there is trying to talk back to you."
Kate Lunau

Irma and Harvey are Putting Experimental New Forecasting Tech to the Test

NOAA is using supercomputers to test a hurricane forecasting algorithm that has been two decades in the making.
Daniel Oberhaus
Deep Sea Livin'

Watch These Bizarre Spiky 'Starfish' Fight Over a Squid on the Seafloor

NOAA gives us an intimate peek into deep sea life with some dramatic music and cheesy commentary.
Emma Griffith