You’re Going to Pay $20 for Nintendo Switch Online and Like it

The launch of Nintendo's online gaming service has been the subject of endless complaints that we should all get over as soon as possible.
Jason Koebler
3 days ago

Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch With Lego Components

Labo looks cooler if you swap out its cardboard components for Lego pieces.
Matthew Gault
4 days ago
Wario's Gold Mine

Watch the History of Game-Breaking 'Mario Kart' Ultra Shortcuts

Speedrunners broke a track world record 18 times in one day.
Ian Birnbaum
Read-only Memory

Nintendo's Offensive, Tragic, and Totally Legal Erasure of ROM Sites

The damage that removing ROMs from the internet could do to video games as a whole is catastrophic.
Emanuel Maiberg

New 'Smash Bros. Ultimate' Trailer Opens With Luigi Being Murdered

Nintendo brutally murdered the long suffering plumber so it could introduce some new characters to ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.’
Matthew Gault
Video Games

How a Hacker Used Python to Extract the Source Code for ‘Super Mario Bros.’

Hacker Matthew Earl used Python to extract raw visual data from Nintendo’s code.
Matthew Gault

Counterpoint: Fuck Waluigi, He Doesn’t Deserve to Be in the New ‘Smash Bros.’

Stop projecting yourself onto what is obviously a morally and creatively bankrupt corporate mascot.
Matthew Gault

Science Proves that Wario Is the Best 'Mario Kart' Character

Metal Mario is the worst character in 'Mario Kart 8,' but everyone already knew that.
Ian Birnbaum
Strange Loops

Watch This Hacked NES 'Reverse Emulate' Super Nintendo Games

The hacker who pulled it off says it could be a preview of what it’ll look like if we start adding new capabilities to the human brain.
Jon Christian
Right to Repair

FTC Gives Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo 30 Days to Get Rid of Illegal Warranty-Void-if-Removed Stickers

The FTC says that if companies don't change their warranty practices, it may take 'legal action.'
Matthew Gault

Transform Your Nintendo Switch With These Lego Mods

This YouTuber will show you how to beef up your Switch with a couple of 3D-printed parts and Lego Technic pieces.
Matthew Gault

Nintendo's Kirby Is Now a Musical Instrument

Someone teach me how to play otamatone versions of the theme to "Kirby's Dreamland"
Samantha Cole