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How to Watch the NFL Without Cable TV

There are plenty of ways to follow the NFL without paying an arm and a leg to your local cable company.
Chris Brantner
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How VR Will Help Sculpt the Athlete of the Future

Virtual reality has the potential to improve how elite-level athletes prepare for the big game.
Yael Grauer
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You No Longer Need Cable to Watch the NFL Network

Sling TV is the first streaming service to add the NFL Network, making it dangerously close to the cord cutting ideal for football fans.
Chris Brantner
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Twitter’s Streaming Deals May Turn It Into a Cord Cutter’s Dream Come True

Twitter is now encroaching on the last compelling reason to keep cable: live sports.
Chris Brantner

How a High-Profile Tragedy Helped WWE Think Differently About Brain Injuries

WWE taken a number of steps in the past decade to prevent injuries to its athletes, but a new lawsuit has reignited debate about the inherent danger of the profession.
Oliver Lee Bateman

Why Former Pro Wrestlers Are Now Suing the WWE Over Alleged Brain Injuries

Echoing the concerns of former football players, professional wrestlers are now blaming the WWE for brain injuries.
David Bixenspan
Why Is This Still a Thing?

With All We Know About Concussions, Why Do We Still Love Football?

We know repeatedly getting hit in the head is dangerous, so why do we keep doing it in the name of football?
Nicholas Deleon
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The Easiest Way to Find Live Sports Streams Is Now in the App Store

One company thinks it's managed to take some of the hassle out of watching sports online.
Chris Brantner
Motherboard Blog

Why Twitter and the NFL Are Working Together to Livestream Games

Full length games will come to the social network this fall.
Nicholas Deleon
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Why Play 'Madden NFL' When You Can Watch Talk About It?

Not even the NFL can resist the allure of e-sports.
Nicholas Deleon

This Color Changing Helmet Material Could Help Detect Concussions

Given how difficult it is to diagnose brain injuries, an external signal could be extremely helpful.
Kaleigh Rogers
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IBM's Watson Supercomputer Is Getting Into Fantasy Football

The supercomputer will coach you on how to fantasy sports better.
Clinton Nguyen