New York

The Weakest Link

How Hackers Sell Luxury Hotel Rooms for Next to Nothing

From Bangkok to New York, fraudsters have an established, underground market of selling dirt cheap rooms at 5 star hotels as well as international flights.
Joseph Cox
a day ago
big telecom

Why New York Kicked the Country's Second-Biggest Cable Company Out of the State

New York State regulators say they are fed up by Charter Spectrum Cable's empty promises, poor service, and misleading claims.
Karl Bode

Pranksters Are Making LinkNYC Booths Play Ice Cream Van Music

LinkNYC's Wi-Fi and communication booths are taunting New Yorkers during a heatwave thanks to a clever prankster.
Joseph Cox
Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is the Climate Change Hardliner the Planet Needs

Ocasio-Cortez upset the NY-14 primary with a progressive agenda that included transitioning the US to renewables by 2035.
Becky Ferreira

The Worst Commute

A snapshot from a future in which a billionaire tech guru has bought and "disrupted" the subway in New York City.
Aaron Gordon
Curious Inquiries

New York Attorney General Launches Inquiry Into 13 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

AG Schneiderman sent letters to 13 exchanges including Coinbase and Bitfinex asking for information on their operations.
Jordan Pearson
Right to Disconnect

This Politician Wants New Yorkers to Have the 'Right to Disconnect'

New York councilman Rafael Espinal introduced a new bill yesterday to stop after work emails and texts.
Ankita Rao

The City That Banned Bitcoin Mining

Plattsburgh, NY voted to place an 18-month moratorium on new commercial cryptocurrency mines in the city on Thursday. Here's why, and what comes next for cities that have had a Bitcoin gold rush.
Daniel Oberhaus

A Small American Town Wants to Put a Moratorium on Bitcoin Mining

Plattsburgh is worried about Bitcoin’s energy consumption.
Jordan Pearson
gig economy

Before He Died, a New York Taxi Driver Wrote About How the Gig Economy Ruined His Life

Douglas Schifter killed himself in front of City Hall this week.
Ankita Rao
net neutrality

22 States Are Suing the FCC For Repealing Net Neutrality

This is the first of what is expected to be multiple lawsuits challenging the agency’s vote last year.
Kaleigh Rogers
what are you doing

This High School Dropout Is Lighting up NYC's Dark Fiber

Pilot brings high speed internet to other small businesses.
Kaleigh Rogers