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That Sketchy Steven Seagal-Endorsed ICO Is Under Siege By State Regulators

"Bitcoiin" has run afoul of the law in New Jersey.
Jordan Pearson

New Jersey Locals Stopped a Multi-Million Dollar Pipeline In Its Tracks

The Ramapough tribes and other local communities in New York and New Jersey have successfully stalled the project—for now.
Grennan Milliken

An Algorithm Is Replacing Bail Hearings in New Jersey

The state is trying to fix the biased bail system—but do reform efforts go far enough?
Sarah Kramer
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Here’s How An Old School Arcade Survives in the 21st Century

The Golden Age of the video arcade has come and gone, but one brave owner is bucking the digital trend.
Kevin Wong

New Jersey Says Releasing Dolphin's Autopsy Would Infringe Its Privacy [Updated]

The state has found a creative reason to cover up the results of a necropsy related to the August death of a dolphin.
Jason Koebler

Excruciating City Council Meeting Proves No One Knows Anything About Drones

Ocean City’s finest privacy advocates.
Clinton Nguyen
new jersey

The World’s Largest Vertical Farm Breaks Ground

This company wants to revitalize a town and feed the world through its aeroponic farming technology.
Kari Paul

A Guide to Surviving the Portuguese Man-o-War Invasion

A long, holiday weekend seems like the perfect time to slip off to the beach. Which also makes it the perfect time for Portuguese man-o-wars to make their attack.
Ben Richmond
Motherboard Blog

Climate Change Will Hit New Jersey Hard

The Mid-Atlantic states could see a foot more sea level rise than the global average by 2100.
Mat McDermott