Star Trek

Bidding on This Rare Version of the Star Trek Enterprise Starts at $40,000

The design was created for “Star Trek: Planet of the Titans,” a film that was never made. It was later used in an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”
Kaleigh Rogers

The Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Musical Is Coming to Broadway

The guys behind ‘Nerds’ breakdown how to dramatize an operating system, whether Woz ever smoked weed, and Bill Gates’ terrible rhymes.
Daniel Oberhaus

Can You Watch 18 Hours of Star Wars Unboxing Or Will Your Eyes Simply Explode?

The Star Wars YouTube Channel is wrapping up an 18 hours long unboxing video.
Emanuel Maiberg
Motherboard Blog

When Gadgets Were Huge: The Great 80s Computers of "Computer Chess"

Long before machines could outperform their fleshy human counterparts in an ever-growing number of tasks—in a space no bigger than a fleshy hand—computers were huge. Literally, huge.
Andrew Overton
Motherboard Blog

Dawn of the Nerd World Order

The reality of nerds is much different than how the media portrays it.
James Franco
Motherboard Blog

The Only Pi Day Celebration You Need to See

Pi Day is, by all measures, a fun day, especially if you're into math, physics, science or civilization.
Adam Clark Estes
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Why Do Nerds Wear Glasses?

Why, really, do nerds wear glasses? As a nearsighted nerd myself, I'd often heard the usual reasoning: reading strains your eyes. But surely non-nerds strain their eyes too, don't they? Like by looking at screens like this one? I think the causality...
Elizabeth Aab
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Even at 40, the First Scientific Pocket Calculator Still Looks Sexy as 7734

On February 1, 1972, Hewlett Packard introduced the world's first scientific pocket calculator, the HP-35. You may be thinking, really, who cares but a bunch of geeks. That's exactly what the marketing people at HP thought when Bill Hewlett released...
Lara Heintz
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This Is SXSW 2011: The Motherboard Omnibus (Updated)

Hey Internet! It's Motherboard's official SXSW live blog. Get lost with us in the streets of Austin as we become inundated with spectacular stuff/things. We'll be back here all during SXSW Interactive and Film.
Sean Yeaton