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Twitter and YouTube Won’t Commit to Ban White Nationalism After Facebook Makes Policy Switch

Following a Motherboard investigation, Facebook banned white nationalism and white separatism. But Twitter and YouTube, two platforms with their own nationalism problems, won’t commit to following Facebook’s lead.
Joseph Cox
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These Are Facebook’s Policies for Moderating White Supremacy and Hate

As hate speech continues to be a top issue for social media platforms, we are publishing an extended selection of training material showing how Facebook sees the issue of white supremacy and hate more generally.
Joseph Cox
Radio Motherboard

Listen to Radio Motherboard on Facebook’s Reckoning with American Nazis

What Facebook's internal guidelines around hate speech say about how the company operates.
Wajeeh Maaz
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Leaked Documents Show Facebook’s Post-Charlottesville Reckoning with American Nazis

After a white supremacist killed a protester in Charlottesville in 2017, Facebook pushed to re-educate its moderators about hate speech groups in the US, and spell out the distinction from nationalism and separatism, documents obtained by Motherboard show
Joseph Cox
Cat and Mouse

After Crackdown, Neo-Nazis Are Hosting Propaganda on Censor-Proof Networks

Neo-Nazis are using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to keep their propaganda online and avoid the tech world's recent clampdown.
Joseph Cox

YouTube Is Full of Easy-to-Find Neo-Nazi Propaganda

In a software-aided investigation, Motherboard found that while YouTube has cracked down on pro-ISIS material, the video giant leaves neo-Nazi propaganda online for months and sometimes years at a time.
Joseph Cox

The Daily Stormer Is Getting Sued for Fabricating a Comedian’s Tweets

Dean Obeidallah, a radio host, comedian, and Daily Beast contributor, is suing the neo-Nazi site for framing him as the perpetrator of the Manchester bombing.
Louise Matsakis

Twitter Suspensions Reveal the Company's Skewed Views on 'Extremism'

Twitter chooses to focus on the faraway spectre of ISIS rather than the neo-Nazis closer to home.
Jillian York