Watch the Discovery of a Long-Lost WWII Cruiser, the USS Helena

The ship was torpedoed and sunk in July 1943.
Becky Ferreira

US Navy Accused of Tech Piracy

The Navy is entangled in two long-running federal court cases involving intellectual property theft.
David Axe
fish and ships

The Military Wants Genetically-Modified Sea Creatures to Snitch on Enemy Ships

Critics of the militarization of marine life say the problem with a new DARPA program is moral, not practical.
David Axe
major laser

The US Navy Bought Its First Big Laser Cannon

New, drone-frying weapon could go to sea in 2020.
David Axe
All Fronts

The Navy Can't Afford $1 Million 'Smart' Shells for Its $4 Billion Battleships

Meanwhile, its ultra-versatile new $440 million warship is frozen to a dock in Canada.
David Axe
All Fronts

Trump's 'Impossible' Plan for a 350-Ship Navy Is Sinking Fast

The scheme is "more than unrealistic,” a Congressional shipbuilding expert told Motherboard.
David Axe
ARA San Juan

‘Really Bad’ Wind and Waves Are Pummeling Rescuers Trying to Find That Lost Argentine Sub

What search crews need is calm weather—and any hint of the location of the sub and its 44 crew members.
David Axe
Quiet Wars

China Is Testing Silent ‘Magnetic Drive’ Submarines to Evade the US Navy

The less noise a sub makes, the harder it is to detect on sonar.
David Axe
Hurricane Relief

The Puerto Rican Island the US Military Destroyed Has Been Forgotten After Hurricane Maria

"Currently, people in Vieques are struggling to survive. That needs to be a priority."
Sarah Emerson
War Is Boring

The Navy’s First Carrier-Launched Drone Will Be a Flying Gas Tank

For now.
David Axe
disaster response

The Military Is Finally Mobilizing Tactical Hospitals for Puerto Rico

But for all its sophistication, the military's emergency medical system in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico is meant to be temporary.
David Axe
seeing red

China’s Military Is Taking a Powerful Turn

The People's Republic is downsizing the world's largest troop force, while scaling up its ambitions in sea, space, and internet warfare.
David Axe