ancient egypt

There’s a Huge Secret Vault in Giza’s Great Pyramid, and Nobody Knows Why

How light from alien stars and galaxies revealed a hidden chamber within the mother of all heritage sites.
Becky Ferreira
Outer Limits

What Will the Outdoors Sound Like in the Future?

We spoke to the lead tech at the National Park Service Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division about dwindling quiet spaces.
Samantha Cole

How to Scrub GPS Data from Your Photos

A guide to not doxxing at-risk animal species (yourself included).
Asia Murphy
biodiversity loss

The World Spent $14.4 Billion on Conservation, and It Actually Worked

Between 1992-2003, that investment led to a 29 percent decrease in the rate of biodiversity decline.
Stephen Leahy
Outer Limits

Bugs Are the Worst Part of Going Outside and Climate Change Is Making It Worse

Bug spray will soon be as ubiquitous as sunscreen. Long sleeves in hot weather will lose their dorky reputation.
Rosemary Westwood
Outer Limits

Are We the Last Generation to Experience the Outdoors as We Know it?

Welcome to OUTER LIMITS, a Motherboard series that goes inside the outdoors.
Brian Anderson
life forms

A New Collection of Nature Illustrations Is a Window Into 19th Century Science

Gaze upon the dazzling prints of Ernst Haeckel, Darwin's artistic popularizer
Becky Ferreira

This AI Taught Itself to Play Go and Beat the Reigning AI Champion

DeepMind's new neural net learned to play Go without any human input and is a far better player than its predecessor.
Daniel Oberhaus
dolphin sex

Scientists Inflated Dead Dolphin Dicks to Simulate Cetacean Sex

“The degree of coevolution is astounding.”
Kate Lunau
polar bear watch

I Guarded an Arctic Base Against Polar Bears at the Frontline of the Apocalypse

The DEW Line was built in the fifties to warn of a nuclear threat. I guarded six workers there from polar bears.
Duncan Ferguson

Nearly Half of Canada’s Monitored Wildlife Populations Are In Decline

They include woodland caribou, lake whitefish, and swift fox.
Jacob Dubé

Scientists Used Nanoparticles to Turn a Window Into a Mirror and Back Again

For the first time, a reversible nanoparticle array can transition between a window and a mirror.
Daniel Oberhaus