natural resources

zombie oil

The US Is Paying Big Oil to Keep Fossil Fuels Profitable

Subsidies are keeping “zombie energy” alive.
Stephen Leahy
Big Cheese

Trump’s Transition Team Asked NASA About Surveying the Moon for Valuable Resources

Internal communications between NASA and Trump's transition team, obtained by a Motherboard FOIA, show the new administration is also interested in how the agency's research helps private industry.
David Axe
deep sea mining

We Need to Regulate the Seabed Before Mining Companies Destroy It

Commercial activity on the bottom of the ocean may destroy ecosystems we don’t even know exist.
Daniel Oberhaus
climate change

Humans Have Used All the Earth’s Resources for the Year

By 2030, we'll need more than two Earths to support our natural resource needs.
Sarah Emerson

China Wants to Build a Deep Sea 'Space Station'

China's plans to claim sovereignty over the South China Sea just got a whole lot deeper.
Sarah Emerson

How Europe Plans to Reduce Its Dependency on Russian Gas

In light of the Ukraine crisis, Europe has a plan to wean itself off an overwhelming dependency on Russian gas.
Victoria Turk

Most of Europe's Running Out of Fossil Fuels

Global maps give the UK just five years left of oil, gas, and coal. But one thing we all have plenty of is debt.
Victoria Turk
Motherboard Blog

Wyoming's Lithium Jackpot Will Help Us Build the Batteries of the Future

Scientists have discovered a single lithium deposit that could meet the entire nation's annual demand.
Brian Merchant
Motherboard Blog

In Which Big Game and Eugenics Go To Washington: or, Environmentalism Is Born (Part One)

In the aftermath of a rollicking dinner party in 1887, Teddy Roosevelt and his friends decided to start a club. It would be devoted to their shared passions: the thrill of the chase, pitting nature against human daring and ingenuity – a club for big...
Alicia Puglionesi
Motherboard Blog

Americans Aren't Sustainable and Feel Great About It

Take my pop quiz about crushing environmental guilt: a) One nation burns more coal per capita than any other in the world, drives massive gas-guzzling cars, scoffs at public transit, buys piles and piles of useless consumer goods, and is even...
Brian Merchant