Natural Disasters

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Government Climate Report Spotlights Costly Damage of Extreme Weather In 2018

Last year, 14 natural disasters caused at least $1 billion in damage each.
Sarah Emerson

The Guy Behind This $2,400 Egg-Shaped Capsule Says It Will Save Us During Deadly Earthquakes

Meant to withstand violent impacts, Mexican engineer Reynaldo Vela’s personal protection pods take prehistoric design cues and are part of a broader trend in disaster capitalism.
Paul Biasco
climate change

A Hurricane Just Caused This Remote Hawaiian Island to Vanish

The northerly East Island in Hawaii’s French Frigate Shoals is now submerged beneath the sea.
Sarah Emerson

Hurricane Categories Don’t Capture How Dangerous Florence Is

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale only measures wind speed and nothing else.
Kaleigh Rogers

Trump Attacks Rigorous Science By Denying Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria Death Toll

The researchers found that nearly 3,000 people had died during and following the hurricane who wouldn’t have otherwise died
Kaleigh Rogers
shifting tides

Preparing for Japan's Next Tsunami

The island nation’s new warning system will broadcast qualitative alerts like takai and kyodai ("high" and "huge") during future Pacific megathrust earthquakes, to better urge people to evacuate before the waves come.
Matthew Komatsu
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A Hurricane Maria 'Tech Brigade' Is Helping Connect the Puerto Rican Diaspora

The Brigade's efforts also highlight the limits to approaching disaster relief with code and information systems.
Caroline Haskins
after the storm

Trump’s FCC Will Let Big Telecom Destroy Small Houston ISPs As It Rebuilds After Harvey

The FCC has rules in place to prevent Big Telecom from leaving local competitors in the lurch, but it’s currently scrapping those rules.
Kaleigh Rogers
big weather

This Space Station Footage of Hurricane Irma Shows Just How Massive It Is

Something about seeing it from above makes it all the more real.
Kaleigh Rogers
hurricane harvey

Islands of Starving Cows Discovered After Hurricane Harvey

Though cows can swim better than you might think, they can’t tread water forever.
Kaleigh Rogers
hurricane harvey

'Rescuing Pets Is Rescuing People,' Says Animal Rescue Worker in Texas

Animal shelters across the state are being cleared out to make room for displaced family pets.
Kaleigh Rogers

Wildfires Are on the Rise and Technology Can’t Stop Them

We’re getting better at tracking and predicting fires. But when it comes to the biggest, deadliest blazes, there isn’t much to do but evacuate.
Jacob Dubé