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A National Park Is Airlifting Hundreds of Mountain Goats That Have Gone Crazy for Human Pee

Mountain goats in Olympic National Park are obsessed with human urine and are now a public nuisance.
Sarah Emerson
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The Plan to Save an Iconic Natural Monument By Covering It in Plastic

A wild desire to preserve one of Utah’s most famous natural monuments almost destroyed it.
Daniel Oberhaus
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The National Park Service Promises to Reinstate 92 Climate Change Documents Removed From Website

Dozens of documents outlining how national parks will address climate change were removed from the agency’s website this month.
Sarah Emerson
Outer Limits

What Will the Outdoors Sound Like in the Future?

We spoke to the lead tech at the National Park Service Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division about dwindling quiet spaces.
Samantha Cole
Tonto, Hello

The Interior Secretary’s Favorite Horse, ‘Tonto,’ Has Been Very Busy

Want to meet the US Park Police horse? Get in line.
Sarah Emerson
Government Misinformation

'Yikes, This Is Bad Press': Internal Emails Show Federal Employees Asking Why a Climate Scientist's Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg Was Canceled

New unpublished documents from the US Geological Survey reveal the agency had no role in squashed meeting between its climate scientist at the Facebook CEO.
Sarah Emerson
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FOIA: NPS Director Suggested Trump Administration 'Manage the Talking Point' of Climate Scientist's Meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Internal government emails reveal new details about Mark Zuckerberg’s canceled meeting with a US Geological Survey climate scientist.
Sarah Emerson

Do Wi-Fi and Cell Service Belong in Our National Parks?

Yellowstone National Park wants to go 4G, and some environmentalists aren’t happy.
Sarah Emerson
National Park Not Serviced

Trump’s Donation to the National Park Service Can Barely Pay for 86 Feet of One Walkway

FOIA documents reveal that Donald Trump’s check to the National Park Service is a drop in the bucket compared to the agency’s overall maintenance costs.
Sarah Emerson
Ryan Zinke

Fake Cowboy Ryan Zinke Doesn’t Care About Our Land

The Interior Secretary extremely wants you to know he’s a real Montanan.
Sarah Emerson

National Park Employees Break the Silence About Trump’s Hiring Freeze

We spoke to National Park Service and Forest Service employees about the damage—sometimes irreparable—that President Trump’s hiring freeze has caused to their lives.
Sarah Emerson

Trump's Hiring Freeze Will Devastate Our National Parks

Our overcrowded National Parks need to hire 8,000 temporary employees to make sure you can go camping this summer.
Jason Koebler