This YouTube Channel Streams AI-Generated Death Metal 24/7

Dadabots was developed by two music technologists who wanted to prove that a neural network was capable of capturing the subtle stylistic differences between Death Metal, Math Rock, and other lesser-known genres.
Rob Dozier
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net neutrality

One of America's Most Prominent Net Neutrality Activists Just Released a Folk Punk Album

Fight for the Future's Evan Greer talks about her experiences as an activist and trans woman in "She/her/they/them."
Jason Koebler
Pi Day

Musician Creates a Million-Hour Song Based on the Number Pi

Jam for 114 years to celebrate π day.
DJ Pangburn
Sound of Science

Jayda G Is Bridging the Gap Between Music and Science

Jayda G studied whales before becoming a globetrotting DJ and music producer. Now, she's running a series of talks with young scientists to marry her two passions.
Max Mertens
Artificial Intelligence

Why Is AI-Generated Music Still so Bad?

Researchers say it’s a lot more complex than it seems on the surface.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Music Industry Asks US Government to Make 'Unauthorized Streaming' a Felony

The RIAA has also renewed calls for the government to consider 'website blocking' and filtering to stop music piracy.
Karl Bode

Get in the Halloween Spirit with This AI-Generated Spooky Music

The results are pretty eerie, but you can help them get even creepier.
Kaleigh Rogers

The Rise of T-Series, the YouTube Channel That Will Soon Dethrone PewDiePie

An Indian entertainment channel is poised to take over as the largest YouTube channel in the world.
Ankita Rao
Content ID

This Music Theory Professor Just Showed How Stupid and Broken Copyright Filters Are

Automated takedown systems don’t work, stifle free expression online.
Karl Bode
Space Jams

The 'Telemetron' Is a Post-Earth Musical Instrument Designed for Zero Gravity

The Telemetron generates musical compositions using gyroscopic “chimes.”
Becky Ferreira

How the Music Industry Messed Up Legal Streaming the First Time Around

Lessons from the music industry’s initial consumer-hostile reaction to the Napster saga. Going from $16 CDs to unlimited streaming is really hard.
Ernie Smith

Meet the Teen Who Turns Beyoncé's Live Shows Into Amazing, Unofficial Albums

The 17-year-old behind @BeyReleases says he'll do almost anything to get the BeyHive what it wants.
Mikelle Street