Chucky is a Smart Device Gone Bad in New 'Child’s Play' Trailer

Chucky wreaks havoc using the Internet of Things.
Rob Dozier
2 days ago

Forget Netflix: Inside the Forums Where People Share Obscure Pirated Movies

It's difficult to draw the line between distributing essential, hard-to-find cultural relics and piracy.
Tania Tapia Jáuregui

Real Hackers Tell Us Why They Love the Movie 'Hackers'

We asked a bunch of hackers why they love the over-the-top, cult 90s movie 'Hackers.'
Jake Davis
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Fox Is Using Google's Machine Learning to Predict What Movies You'll Like

Data scientists at 20th Century Fox and Google Cloud have developed machine-learning software that can analyze movie trailers and predict how likely people are to see those movies in theaters.
Ian Birnbaum
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Watch the Trailer for a New Documentary About the Most Hated Filmmaker in Video Games

The German filmmaker directed some of the worst movies in the world then beat his critics in a boxing ring while screaming profanities.
Matthew Gault

New MoviePass Rules Limit Users to Three Films a Month

The discount movie ticket app has been changing its terms every other month this year.
Kaleigh Rogers

Here Are All the Changes MoviePass Made to Its Terms of Service In the Last Six Months

The beleaguered company has been updating its terms like it’s changing its Tinder pic.
Kaleigh Rogers

Nathan Fillion's 'Uncharted' Fan Film Proves He’s the Best Choice to Play Nathan Drake

Fillion made an ‘Uncharted’ short film and it’s the best live action version of Nathan Drake we’re ever going to see.
Matthew Gault

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Gives Up on Science Completely

Who told these people that dinosaurs have to be war machines and volcano victims to be interesting?
Becky Ferreira
The Oasis

In ‘Ready Player One’ Spielberg Regrets the Pop Culture He Created

Steven Spielberg's latest film, unlike the book it's based on, is not just a nostalgic trip through nerd culture.
Matthew Gault
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The Best Science Fiction Movies and Shows on Netflix Right Now

Motherboard’s guide to binging good sci-fi stories.
Matthew Gault
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'Tomb Raider' Sucks Because It Messed With the 'Indiana Jones' Formula

Based on the 2013 'Tomb Raider' video game reboot, the new movie forgets that a great treasure hunter needs unexpected supernatural threats.
Matthew Gault