Steam Will Start Moderating Its Forums, But Developers Can Opt Out

Valve will begin reviewing posts and making decisions about what can and can’t be posted in Steam's forums.
Matthew Gault
5 days ago

Valve: 'It Really Does Seem Bad Games Are Made by Bad People'

Valve shares more details about how it decides who's a 'straight up troll' publishing video games on Steam.
Emanuel Maiberg

The Impossible Job: Inside Facebook’s Struggle to Moderate Two Billion People

Moderating billions of posts a week in more than a hundred languages has become Facebook’s biggest challenge. Leaked documents and nearly two dozen interviews show how the company hopes to solve it.
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox
Infowars Banned

YouTube Is the Latest Platform to Delete Alex Jones’ Channels For Violating Its Guidelines

The Alex Jones Channel, followed by millions of people, has been deleted from YouTube.
Sarah Emerson
shadow ban

Where Did the Concept of 'Shadow Banning' Come From?

It's been called shadow banning, toading, being "sent to coventry," and ghost banning—but where did it actually start?
Samantha Cole

Facebook Hosts Anti-Muslim Groups Despite Zuckerberg Telling Congress the Platform Doesn't Tolerate Hate

Mark Zuckerberg told Congress that Facebook does not allow hate groups on its platform, but the company still hosts anti-Muslim groups.
Matthew Gault

A Brief History of YouTube Censorship

For as long as it has existed, YouTube has been under pressure from different governments to remove a wide range of content.
Jillian York
Hate Groups

One of America's Most Notorious Neo-Nazi Extremist Groups Is Posting Freely to YouTube, Steam

Bad moderation allows radical messages to spread.
Emanuel Maiberg
Matthew Gault

A Visit to Facebook's Recently Opened Center for Deleting Content

Our tour of one of Germany's new content moderation centers gave us a look at Facebook’s content moderation—and what it means for the people who have to enforce its deletion rules.
Max Hoppenstedt

The Reddit Moderator Getting a PhD in Online Moderation

Kat Lo is studying the largely thankless job of unpaid content moderation so we can make open and safe online communities.
Jason Koebler

Steam Is Full of Hate Groups

Valve's hands-off approach to moderation has filled its giant platform with bile.
Emanuel Maiberg
humans of the year

Carrie Goldberg Is Fighting Revenge Porn One Court Case at a Time

“I am one of my clients.”
Farnia Fekri